HST nice knowing you……

Well, the verdict is in. BC’s short lived harmonized tax will be rendered to a footnote or maybe not.
I was at the front of this divisive debate in as much as the tax would effect restaurants.
The immediate impact was a dive in industry sales by about 9% when HST was implemented in July 2010. Not much has changed.
Is it the HST that has had such a profound impact on certain industry sectors? What role did the world economic recession play?
In my opinion, the world economy was number 1 followed by HST.
This entire issue was about several things. First, the old Liberal government really had no detailed idea of economic impacts. We were told that it would be revenue neutral and prices would fall-didnt happen. The consumer is smart and selfish. don’t tell them something is good for them when they no better. Finally, governments need to lead at the expense of getting unelected. Do the right thing and present a fair and well thought out argument for change. Get outta of the way of partisanship politics.
I will say this, Christy Clark tried to engage all of us to get this tax through. Unfortunately, she ran out of time. That was a refreshing change…..

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