No Relevance is a PPC Money pit!

Search and Content equally powerful

Lately I have met with a handful of local business owners in Vancouver, small to medium size companies, established business owners, with little to no online web presence or knowledge.  As most business owners know they need to make the transition to Online Marketing and Advertising but many do struggle to understand and get trusted service providers to help them with being established online.

As I meet weekly with business relations as well, new business’s; the language and conversation are the same:

“We do have a website, and they are doing SEO for us”

Who are they?  And what do YOU know about SEO?  Is often my questions back.

“We do PPC”  “and spend $2000-5000 month on our advertising”

And I ask?   Do you have an understanding of PPC?    What about understanding ‘impressions’ ‘clicks’ and ‘conversions’?    Do you send your paid traffic to your HOME Page or a Landing Page?   What is the predefined goal?  Do you have an offer for them to buy?

All roads lead to Rome

In my view, this metric represents the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaign.  The click-through rate (CTR) measures how relevant your ads are to user search queries. The conversion rate tells you the percentage of visitors who complete your predefined goals once the ads are clicked. These are important metrics, but it may be time to consider conversions per impression (CPI) as well.

Let’s take this example:

Of the 500 times my ad is seen (the “impression”), 20 searchers deem it the most relevant and click—a CTR of 4%.  Of these 20 visitors, 2 find my landing page or site meets their expectations and they complete my predefined goals, resulting in a conversion rate of 10%.


SEO and PPC       


SEO is organic results, it is free and long term result while PPC is a paid advertising and it is for short term results.

When you purchase “clicks” from Search Engines and pay for every click acquired, this is called “Pay-per-Click” (PPC) Advertising. Pay-Per-Click Advertising enables your website to get top Search Engine placement by bidding and paying for clicks against keywords related to your product or service. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive immediate and relevant traffic to your website.

The one of the biggest benefits of Pay-per-Click Advertising is the fact that it can provide your website with immediate boost of targeted visitors, which convert to leads and sales, giving you very fast results within just hours or days. In fact, if you are waiting for your Organic SEO results to show up then you can run Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaign on parallel which means you are up and running already.

Whatever your advertising method is pay attention, there are dozens of advertising outlets on the Web – paid ads, directories, search engines, social media…   More importantly, if you’re not an expert;  then business owners spend more time building your business, and less time on what you don’t understand, like Internet marketing.  Don’t do it alone, and when you know the right fit for you and maybe you’ve hired a company to help with your  Internet Marketing  & Advertising, just understand the only thing you need to really know is ‘the results will speak for themselves’!

Everything online is transparent.







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