Bonnie Speaks Geek – Installing and Using LiveWriter to Post to Your WordPress Blog

Live Writer from Microsoft is recognized as the best offline blogging editor available. Some of the reasons are:
  • great WYSIWYG blog authoring editor saves you time by showing you exactly what your post will look like.
  • you can add, resize, crop your photos into your blog posts. And it’s fast and easy
  • has a built in spelling checker
  • supports extra functionality with plugins available
    • snagit screen capture (add to your post)
    • flickr4writer (publish photos directly from your flickr account)
    • highlight background colour (for a part of your blog)
  • you can publish to several blogs from the same utility
  • you can save a copy of your post offline
  • create your posts offline and when you’re done, publish with one click of a button

Installing Live Writer
  1. Download from Windows Live Writer 2011 site






  1. From Start button in Windows 7 search for Window Live Writer
  2. How to Add Your Rapid Time News Blog Account (you don’t need to download the blog editing theme)
  3. Creating your First Post in Windows Live Writer
  4. Adding a Photo to Your Rapid Time News blog post (part way down the page)
  5. Setting Post Properties (categories, tags, publication date, add a summary)
  6. Publishing Your Post
  7. How do I edit Posts I’ve already published to my blog?
  8. Save a local copy before publishing
  9. Want to use Windows Live Writer on your Mac?

2 thoughts on “Bonnie Speaks Geek – Installing and Using LiveWriter to Post to Your WordPress Blog

  1. This is a great tool for bloggers…easy to download & easy to use!
    Thank you, Bonnie for sharing this most valuable program with us…I followed your explicit directions and had no problems getting it up and running, writing a blog, posting it and then “storing” others for a later release…..just as you explained.

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