I Need More Customers!

Especially with the economy suffering the way it has been of late and even in the absence of an economic downturn it is a common refrain. All my business troubles would be over if I just had a few more customers, some better customers, just a bit more revenue! My overhead costs are all fixed, any extra revenue goes straight to the bottom line.

How do I get there?

Hire more sales people? Hire better sales people? Train my sales people better? Attend every business networking event in town? Start a social media program? Blog about issues related to my business to raise my profile? Get more and better PR? Leverage technology and social media platforms? Start an affiliate program?

How about all of the above, and what’s an affiliate program anyway, and where would I start?

What if there were away you could achieve everything in one single move?

More customers, better customers, more and better sales people, access the local business community, raise your and your business’ profile.

Even more exciting you can access the very latest breakthrough technologies and leverage social media and local networking interfaces by plugging in to a simple step by step training to set up an “eBay like” affiliate program to promote your offering to a wider audience.

You can even generate a second, significant income stream from the affiliate program itself. Sound interesting? It’s more than that; it is revolutionary!

What’s more, it’s happening in Vancouver right now.

Are you plugged in yet? Intrigued enough to want more info? Jump in now maximize your profile with early adopter status!

Email us now, columnist@rapidtimenews.com to find out more or to get started…

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