It’s What’s Best For You…

It’s hard these days not to be swamped by “advice” (often given with the best of intentions) about which gizmo is the “best” – whether it be desktop PCs, smartphones or the latest in TV technology. As a long-time IT professional, my advice to you is:

Choose what’s best for your needs.

Simple, eh?

Well, not really – I mean, with hundreds of models of laptop PCs at the local Future Shop or London Drugs, all with confusing information about gigahertz and megabytes, plus half a dozen smartphone manufacturers all vying to sell you their latest and greatest, choosing technology today is a real minefield. So how do you make an informed choice?

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Firstly, figure out what you want from the tool. Let’s take a new phone as an example – here, there are choices between “feature” phones (i.e. what would just have been called a cellphone 4 or 5 years ago) and “smartphones”. Smartphones are miniature computers with cellphone functionality built in. They allow you to do things like update your calendar remotely – while you’re talking to a prospect, you can schedule your next meeting with them confident that it will be in your desktop calendar when you get back to your office – not to mention record your fitness goals or play a multitude of games. The only problem here is choosing which smartphone – there are BlackBerries (for a while longer at least), Android phones and iPhones.

Now, those who know me are doubtless thinking – ah, this is where the Apple bias comes out.

And yes, I am a fan of Macs and use an iPhone. I like the way they work and how well they integrate pretty seamlessly with each other in Apple’s “ecosystem”. But they’re not necessarily for everyone. We’ll discuss this further in the next article – stay tuned!

About Des Dougan

I’m Principal of Dougan Consulting Group which is located in North Vancouver, B.C. I founded the company in 2000. In Parallel with operating Dougan Consulting Group, I served as Director, Information and Computing Services at Vancouver Community College from 1997 to 2007. Before arriving at VCC, I served as Manager, Administrative Application Services at Douglas College in New Westminnster. My Core expertise includes over 30 years’ IT management experience in various industry sectors, specializing in providing effective leadership, and with a background in organizations in Canada and the UK. Major Strengths include: Communicating well at all levels, including excellent written communications skill; focusing strongly on developing effective trust based relationships with clients and the provision of high-quality service. An analytical and enthusiastic attitude showing a high level of commitment, resilience and flexibility.