ClickRealty is doing something no other Real Estate Agency does? Share 50%!

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with Fiona Therrien, one of the Founders and Managing Partners of http://clickrealty.ca a new up-incoming tech savvy full-service Real Estate Agency, based out of North Vancouver.  Little does she know I also collaborated with Alisha Mann Online PR & Branding expert for ClickRealty.

And of course I checked out their website and socials sites.

Firstly, I was so delighted to actually speak with an ‘Owner’ immediately and directly by dialing their toll free number from the website, so that it itself spoke volumes.  And Fiona took the time to really disclose the business as they are still in BETA (for all the right reasons) and how they really do help buyers and sellers, even other agents outside of their company.

Secondly, what I really got to understand is what will separate them from the traditional Real Estate Agencies (no name dropping here) because we know who you are…  What I was most impressed and even excited about for the future of my ‘own’ real estate endeavours is they SHARE 50% of their earned commission with us!  Whether you are buying a new home or selling.


They will help you buy the home of your dreams and rebate 50% of their commission within 10 days of closing the deal to YOU!

They will also sell your home in less time for more money, and pass on a 50% reduction in their commission to YOU!

How do they do that?!

Clickrealty leverages technology, the Internet, Social Networking, so follow them  http://twitter.com/clickrealty, transparency, collaboration, partnerships, us, and best of all the focus is on client satisfaction not commission.

My comments are from perspective based on my experience of Real Estate, Website Business, and Internet Marketing.  I thought the content on the website was engaging, easy to understand, and very humorous, let me rephrase that it got MY attention!  Certainly a far off cry from the ‘traditional’ Real Estate websites out there and redundant content with Listings plastered all over and a plethora of Agents to choose from that can be overwhelming in itself if you don’t have any reference point to gauge from.

I also made several comments to Fiona about how much I loved the really cool video on the Home Page that ‘pretty’ much says it in a nutshell about what they do!   Nice work on the Video Marketing, take a peak at this:

ClickRealty – Better, Faster, Cheaper from ClickRealty on Vimeo.

Ok so it’s not just about the website with its ease to navigate through and understand the business model, of which I thought, was brilliant.   Although it’s an incomplete thought, I should consider developing this thought into a complete sentence but I won’t…


A full service Real Estate agency that offers you nothing BUT service on and offline, transparency, and a ROI:  They even have a criteria for all their Licensed Agents to amend to that really didn’t sound like the usual Real Estate Brokerages that have sometimes hundreds of agents. @Clickrealty they choose agents to partner based on What they can offer their clients.  They partner with everyone with an understanding they are really working with the homeowners and giving back!

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