Are We Listening? … or How to Make Balanced Decisions (Part 1)

Being human means having to make decisions, be they related to our business and/or our personal life. How do we actually make our decisions? What information do we take into consideration in the process?

Being human also means having a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual side to our life’s experience. And it is my firm belief that each aspect of our human nature holds invaluable information for us, day in day out. But are we listening? Do we take advantage of all these resources when it comes to those times of decision-making in small or big matters? I sure haven’t in the past; however, I have learnt over time to appreciate and embrace them more and more.

The quality of message I receive differs from area to area; and that’s where the true value lies. Whenever I pay attention to the wisdom from all aspects of my life, I find my decisions to be more organic and balanced; they “sit” better with me, which – at least for me – is a good thing. So let me share a bit more about those sources of information that I am referring to:

First of all, there is the rational voice, the voice of reason that many people default to as their first “pit stop”. In my opinion, it is a very wise choice to look at the rational, factual side of things, weigh our options and think our way through our situations. While our intellect should be given proper consideration, it probably gets a bit overvalued in our day and age; people tend to be “head-heavy” and don’t seem to be listening to the other internal sources that are readily available whenever we care to listen.

One of these other pools of information at our disposal is the voice of our body, providing us with silent warnings or encouragement. How does your body’s “voice of caution” sound that nudges you to stay away from whatever caused that bodily reaction? Is it tension in your neck, dizziness, a “knot in your stomach”, a headache or cough, allergy flare-up or indigestion? What is that particular unpleasant sensation telling you?

And how about the “voice of enthusiasm”, with which your body seems to push you in the direction of the source of that pleasant experience? Is it a wave of warmth washing over you; a faster than normal, happy heartbeat; tingling skin, tears of joy; the feeling of relief as though a heavy weight had been lifted from your shoulders?

Regardless of the flavour of the message, we benefit from remembering that our bodies are actually our best friends, always sending us signals to help us make good decisions so that we can achieve and maintain perfect health and well-being in all aspects of our life. But again, are we listening?

Would you like to listen better and enhance your communication with your body? Well come back to Part 2 of my blog then, in which I will share a short yet effective exercise with you, and I will also write about the emotional and spiritual aspects of decision-making.

In the meantime, are you going to share some of your experiences or thoughts with me? I would love that!

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"Monika is a Personal & Business Coach, who supports her clients in their personal and professional growth, be it as employees or business owners. Through individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, presentations, Mini Retreats and Lunch & Learn sessions Monika helps her clients to align their personal and professional vision, mission & culture with their values and needs.

One thought on “Are We Listening? … or How to Make Balanced Decisions (Part 1)

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