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DSCN0409Julia Manitius from Urbanity and I are Facebook Friends. What does that mean? In our case, we met in a coffee shop near her Granville Street store about 6 months ago. The coffee shop sponsored a charity drive and for a minimum donation you were asked to put your name in a star that was put on display. Julia was in line in front of me and put her business email address instead of her name. “Good marketing” I thought and wrote down her email address and mentioned the incident to the person I was meeting. Julia and I have stayed in touch on Facebook every since and I visited her store at 2412 Granville Street last week.

Julia carries knit goods from  Scandinavian designers who use natural fibres. The first thing I noticed were the the hats from Jools Elphick in the window. Jools is a Dutch designer who lives in England and her designs are distinctive, original and wearable. The photos of the hats on Julia’s Facebook page give only a hint of how imaginative and original the hats are. If you’re a knitter or fabric artist, you’ll appreciate the creativity, workmanship and unusual materials. They’ll be on display until the end of September.


Julia maintains a Facebook page for her store where she keeps her customers and friends up to date with new items in the store, announces events and keeps in touch with her clients and supporters and Urbanity was just featured in the South Granville BIA’s facebook stream.

Besides Facebook, Julia participates in trade shows and will be featuring her line of OLEANA blankets in the Interior Design Show West which runs from the 30th of September until the 2nd of October.


Julia is an example of a business owner that uses a mix of offline marketing, in-store events and social marketing to stay in touch with her customers and supporters. Like Urbanity’s Facebook page, visit Julia at IDS West or drop by her store at 2412 Granville St to see what’s new. You won’t be disappointed.

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