Are We Listening? …or How to Make Balanced Decisions (Part 2)

Thanks for coming to Part 2 of my blog! As promised here’s a short exercise to access the messages from your body for guidance in your decision-making process:

Give yourself 5-10 minutes, in a quiet place, close your eyes (if comfortable) and focus on your body. Is there any area that stands out because it feels tense, uncomfortable, itchy, painful, or warm, relaxed or comfortable? If you find an area that “jumps at you” with its sensation, tune into it a bit more and ask what is going on underneath. What is that sensation telling you? Does it hold a message? If so, what is it? Is it nudging you to do or stay away from anything particular?

If nothing else, practicing this body scan will help you raise your awareness of your body, which may come in handy when approaching decisions in a more holistic way.

Now let’s move on to the emotional side of things, our “feeling voice”. I am sure that most of us include feelings in our decision-making, at least to some degree. Here are a few questions to ponder: How are you feeling when you imagine making one choice or the other? Are you excited, happy, joyfully anticipating or anxious, nervous, depressed or heavy-hearted; or anything in between? In your decision, are you coming from a place of fear or a place of love? What would be the most loving thing you can do under the circumstances?

The next messenger is brought to us courtesy of our intuition, our “voice of inspiration”. Do you know those glimpses of insight that pop into your mind, seemingly “out of nowhere”, or that certainty of an “inner knowing” that you can’t consciously explain? It’s our inner Self speaking, offering us tidbits of that vast universal wisdom – free of charge. We can strengthen this inner voice when we make a point of intentionally listening to it and considering its guidance in our daily life.  So far, I’ve never regretted doing that.

Last but not least there is the “voice of life”: Do you ever happen to hear the same piece of music over and over in a day, as if by accident? Is there a message hidden for you in that? Are there days when you keep stubbing your toes? Or you encounter other experiences that seem to tell you “Stop!” or “Watch where you’re going”?  The messages may not be immediately obvious; however, pondering these so-called “coincidences” (which I don’t think are coincidental at all) may connect you to an insight that turns out to be important in your process.

Intellect – body – feelings – intuition – life itself: They are all valuable messengers if and when we choose to listen. So why not use them, since they so readily present themselves to us? My decision is clear – I will. How about you?

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