Feeling good.

Now that you have created the character of your customer, you can identify them, you can even spot them in a crowd.

That’s great, you can see them, the problem is do they see you? What can you do to stand out to your customers? How do they spot you in the crowd of advertising that they are bombarded with every single day?

Even with your company name on the side of something as exciting as a 250 mph race car it is likely the majority of people who see it don’t remember the names on it. The general public has come to expect that race cars, and almost everything else these days, will be covered with signage. Covered with company names trying to grab your attention.


Brand Recognition

Yes, there is most certainly value in brand recognition. Having your logo recognizable to your customers is certainly very important. But the important part of the recognition is what your customers, and potential customers, “feel” when they recognize your company logo. It’s important that the customer’s emotions in regard to your logo, and your business, are positive. This is where sponsorship can make a difference.

Here’s a scenario:

A fan attends a race, or a car show, or visits a static display of the race car. This is just a fan right now, he/she is not yet a potential customer. This fan is greeted warmly by the driver, or crewmember(s), the fan has a question about the car, which almost always leads to more questions, and these questions are answered, not only answered, but the fan is taken over to the car, and actually shown the answer, he gets a little mini up close and personal tour of the race car. The fan feels pretty special, it’s not everyday someone is able to get that close to a 250 mph car.

Now, ask that fan a week later what company logos were on that race car, who the sponsors are. Does he remember? He will likely remember the major sponsor, but what about all the supporting sponsors? Not likely. But, if the team did their job well the fan took home a poster of the car that is likely hanging on his wall, or maybe he had his photo taken in the car with the sponsor logos in the background. Maybe he was encouraged to buy a t-shirt, and become a fan of the Facebook page too, all with great representation of the sponsors. Now we are getting some great brand recognition opportunities.

Adding huge value to those brand recognition opportunities are the positive emotions that go along with that recognition. When that fan comes across your company logo as a potential customer, when he is shopping for what you are selling, that is when those positive emotions from that encounter at the track, car show, or static display kick in.

Jim Obalek

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