Are your Facebook Pages running your Facebook Stores?

Ecommerce Facebook integration is becoming increasingly important in this social 2.0 world we live in, businesses can’t fall behind. Recently some big name retailers have been seamlessly merging online shopping with their Facebook fan pages by creating e-commerce apps specifically to sell their products on this social media site. Product listings are cleverly added to the fan page without being too apparent. The trend is catching on with a number of other retailers following suit. Soon anyone with a product to sell will be able list it on Facebook and tap into that enormous market, making it one of the best ecommerce Facebook integration techniques.

Social commerce – Facebook stores that offer more than marketing

Things to understand

Facebook Apps are applications that most often are FREE to set-up based on a standard template design and integration.   A good idea is to upgrade and spend some money on a Custom Design Fan Pages so it’s branded to your Business.  Prices may vary but it is well worth the spend.

With Ecommerce comes hosting just like anything else and Facebook is no exception and Facebook also does NOT host your products, so understanding hosting costs is something else to pay attention to.  Most 3rd party Ecommerce software applications will charge you for hosting.  An average price depends on the amount of products one can expect $20 – $150 monthly fees and some may charge you for set-up.

Merchant Account services who are ‘you’ going to trust to handle the Oh mighty virtual money.  Most concur that PayPal is #1 choice and another strong suggestion is to use and we LOVE it!  Google checkout we saw a 40 percent increase in cart conversion rates due to the streamlined checkout process.

Pay attention to

As a business, you will need to consider the objectives of what you want to achieve from a social media application. This application should then be tailored to the most efficient ways of achieving your goals. For example, it may not make sense for you to take on outright e-commerce functionality. But if you offer a valuable service that sparks a purchase decision, the customer should be offered the option of purchasing without having the user experience interrupted.

What I am getting at is how many clicks and sign-ups do you have to go through to get to buying!    I really don’t need to rehash the redundancy on Security & Trust Logos, Policy Return promotion, privacy and trust language next to fields asking for personal data. We’ve been hammering on this for years, and it drives me nuts to see how many merchants still completely ignore it.

But beyond that…   “Why didn’t you buy? Or “What did we do wrong?”

Otherwise known as Shopping Cart Abandonment

The users shopping experience has to be seamless and quick, redirecting them to another site, in particular one that isn’t consistent to your brand may confuse them, and several opt-ins will also make your shoppers run.  One we all want is a one stop drop in my shopping cart in and out easy user experience online.  Make your cart STICKY!  People are 18 times more likely to buy directly in their News Feed than when clicking off to a separate website.  According to Forrester Research, 23% of shoppers will abandon when asked to register before checking out. Unless you absolutely must require registration, test a guest checkout and see how much it impacts conversion.

Do not overlook Direct Selling on Facebook !  Are your Facebook Pages running your Facebook Stores?

Build you’re Facebook Fan Pages like a website with a good CMS and e-Commerce platform that will allow you and the shoppers the same experience every time and they didn’t get bounced around / redirected and confused in their shopping experience.   For much less than the cost of a basic website, brands can now have a fully functional e-commerce Facebook Fan Page

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