How long is your commute? Just for fun. . .

I live in Mission, about 65 km, or 40 miles outside of Vancouver. In traffic it can take up to two hours to travel that distance. I was in Vancouver yesterday for a networking meeting and was asked a fun question, I thought I would share it with you.

If it was a straight line between Mission and Vancouver how long would it take for me to travel that distance in my race car? We guesstimated a few numbers and did a quick calculation, and came up with a number that wasn’t too far off. But the thought has been bouncing around in my head so I had to work out a few exacts.

It is 38.5 Miles in a straight line from Mission to Vancouver. Top speed of Twig Zeigler’s Nostalgia Nitro Funny car that I drive is say 250 mph, which works out to 9 mins and 15 seconds to travel the 38.5 miles. Now this car accelerates from a standing start to top speed of 250 mph in less than six seconds, so I wouldn’t even need to take a running start.resizedimage038

But, what could I do to make the commute quicker? As if 9 mins and 15 seconds isn’t quick enough. The top speed of 250 mph is restricted mostly by gear ratio, the car is geared for acceleration, not top speed. So let’s change the gear ration for a realistic top speed, of say 290 mph, much more than that and aerodynamics are going to be a real issue. At that speed, I can now make the commute in 8 mins flat. That’s better!

Are you concerned with your fuel economy? 

Ok, ok, realistically we have a couple other issues with trying to use a Nitro Funny car as a commuter vehicle. The first problem is the same that most commuters think about today, fuel economy. At that sort of load and speed we will be using about 21 gallons per minute of fuel, for a total of 168 gallons, or 635 litres. If we were running on regular gasoline, that would be about $890 in fuel, one way. Ahh, but this car doesn’t run on regular old gasoline, it runs on Nitro Methane, which is a little more expensive, ok, it’s a lot more expensive, that eight minute run will cost about $5900 in fuel.

Now you have something to think about when you’re stuck in traffic.

Jim Obalek

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  1. A very engaging article – just like you, Jim. Luckily I don’t have to suffer being stuck in traffic because I work from home but, if I ever am in that predicament, I will remember your calculations and smile!

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