Asus Eee PC takes to the cloud with MeeGo

Hello and welcome to Playtime!  Thanks to , I recently had a chance to live and work ‘in the Cloud’ with the . This was an offer I could not refuse.

Weighing in at a stated 920 grams and only 17.6 mm thick, this Asus attracted attention everywhere I went. Who says ‘bigger is always better’?  In a business world where a stationary office may not be your day-to-day reality, the possibility of tablet sizing with light weight, great battery life, a real keyboard and fast  ‘ignition’ speed has great appeal.

With Dropbox and Google+ at my disposal, I was off to a good start.  Email, document creation and sharing, internet searches and online account access (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are the primary tasks I routinely want to perform throughout the day.  The keyboard was comfortable – an important feature for someone like me who wears a Size 8 glove; the battery carried me easily through day and evening, and the difference in weight from my regular netbook gave my shoulder a noticeable reprieve from ‘laptop carrying syndrome’.  So far, so good.  It also ‘wakes up’ and shuts down in a few seconds – much faster than my own MSI.

Important to note, however, is that this sleek model is so thin that there is not much room for a robust fan. I was surprised by just how much heat developed as I used the PC, and how quickly that occurred.  From an operating system perspective, I experienced some issues both with Skype and with Google+ Hangouts.  This is my first experience with a Linux operating system, and I never did succeed in achieving a successful connection with Skype (error messages, but no conversations :{).  There also were issues with joining Google+ Hangouts, though accessing my account, adding contacts and placing them in circles all worked as they should. The techies at hand had no more success than did I. Having Skype pre-configured (as Dropbox is, by the way) would have been a great bonus.

This test drive was a lot of fun, and I really appreciated the advantages of size, weight and speed.  Some functionalities will expand, I feel sure.  I polled some people who work in industries that operate on specialized mainframe computer systems (healthcare, for one example) which operate on closed data platforms and intranet connections.  For them, this machine would have been a great answer to their at-home ‘computer lives’.

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