Want to Learn the Secret to a Successful Business?

Today life is much more complicated….everything we use is computerized….cars, appliances, televisions, phones, etc. To some degree that is great, as it offers us many new, innovative and rapid means for keeping in touch with others, repairing and testing items, seeing the world, learning, and being entertained; by using novel devices available almost anywhere or any time.

That is both advantageous and sometimes annoying, as now we can never truly be “on vacation” unless we leave our smart phone at home or do not visit an internet cafe, because others can always get to us.

However, despite all these wondrous means for being connected, in the end, the old fashioned approach of face to face communication, gut reactions and the “human touch” are still the most basic and reliable ways to formulate lasting relationships based on trust, respect and rapport.  Without effective verbal exchanges, where the opportunity to experience the non-verbal part of the messages along with the verbal part, it is most difficult to gain the trust necessary to formulate those essential relationships…the ones on which good business is based.

When you are able to express the passion you have for your business to another person, they will likely be attracted to that emotion….it shows that you care about what you do, so likely do it as well as you can.  Most of us aspire to excellence and when we do, we want to connect with others who have like goals…..these are the people with whom we want to do business.  If we listen attentively when we meet others, we will learn more about them, too.

So what does all this mean?

Simply it means that despite all the amazing technological goodies there are out there for us to use, we still need to practice active listening to lay the groundwork for strong, lasting  relationships, be accountable for our services and products, and be assertive when necessary to advocate for ourselves or others important to us.  In other words, employing effective communication skills is the secret to a successful business.

2 thoughts on “Want to Learn the Secret to a Successful Business?

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Sandy. The virtual world, in my opinion, needs to be in service to the face-to-face relationship world. I believe that long term success in any business relies on the trust and rapport that are built with effective communication skills You have put this in perspective very eloquently.

    • Thank you, Maggie. So glad you agree. In the end, business is still conducted with those we trust and without good communication skills we cannot build those essential relationships.

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