Looking for a team building exercise?

What are your employees working for? Are they united and working together for the cause, a cause, your business? Or are they just turning up every day to do what’s expected of them?

As the pressures of everyday life seem to grow, and the instability in this economy becomes more prevalent, many employees are becoming more and more complacent and less committed to the businesses they work for.

As unlikely as it may seem, a motorsport sponsorship program carefully designed to meet the needs of the individual business can go a long way to motivating employees and motivating your team, and it’s just plain fun!

“But this is an accounting firm, (or whatever non-automotive business you happen to be in), how can having our name on the side of a race car possibly motivate my staff and reduce sick days” I hear you say. Well, it’ll give them something to talk about. “But they’re not car people” you say. You don’t have to be a car person to be inspired by someone who chooses to regularly drive at speeds in excess of 400 kph, and is taking on the world hunting for a world championship. This is something all your staff will become interested in, if it’s packaged and presented properly.

The sponsorship has to go far beyond the sponsor writing a check and the racer putting a name on the side of the car. Let’s start with a group lunch, or several, depending on how many staff you have in how many locations. Get the racer, yeah, ok, me, to host these lunches with your staff, small enough groups so each staff member gets to know the racer personally, can actually have a chat with him, (me). The racer will be armed with hand out cards or caps, or posters or a combination of gifts for the staff, with the objective of making them feel included in the racing program. The racer should have the email of every staff member so they can get updates direct from the racing team. The racer should be known as “our racer”, not the racer we sponsor.

Staff can be given family passes to attend the races the racer is attending close to their home. Competitions can be developed to involve the employees in a grand giveaway to attend a race event of note, perhaps in a sunny location, or a Grand Final event. Tours of the racing shop should be made available for the staff.

Sure, your business is not automotive related, and your staff isn’t interested in cars, but a driver with a personality, and goals that your staff can feel involved with, will unite your staff and motivate them. Not only for a one weekend team building exercise, but on an ongoing basis. Year in and year out. For the best return a long term relationship with the racer should be the objective.

Jim Obalek

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