The Rest of the Story…Getting Control!

You will recall what happened after being “Pink-Slipped” at 55+.  You could not get a job; nobody wanted you; you started your own business; you made no money; your EI ran out; you took early retirement; you started your own business; you are in a “learning curve”; you learned “new Etiquette” and some tips on how to communicate through this new media.

Now, do you feel totally “out of control?”

So, how do you “get IN control” of all your social media?

What’s happening is you are spending your entire day Tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIn-ing and emailing.  There is no time to make any sales.

Oh yeah, go figure!

You are really in “new media university”.  It is going to take some time to become proficient at it.  Are you reading and taking courses yet?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

You know how you go to live networking events and shake hands with new people and find out all about them, and look for ways you can help them?


Well, now you are creating these new networking connections at a much faster rate.  It is like being at a huge networking event 24/7, and you are working to establish a great professional relationship with ALL of them.  However, now you can build your online connections without even having to be there 24/7.

Let’s face it.  You are still networking, even though you are doing it online, right.

Here’s where you will want to do some research on which social media auto-responder you want to use.  I have used Hootsuite, Hootlet, and Sprout Social.  I quite like Sprout Social, which was recommended to me by social media and analytics maven, Bonnie Sainsbury, Left Brain Media.

Sprout Social, even though it is an investment in your business of $9.00 a month, is well worth it, because you can list up to 5 of your streams of social media on there and schedule posts for as many months out as you want, so you don’t have to worry if something is being posted every day.  To top it all off, Sprout Social also has great analytics, so you can tell who is reading your posts and who is sending you responses.  All you have to do is assemble a plan for what you want to post and when you want to post it.

“All I have to do is assemble a plan and post?!”  How in the world am I going to do that?!  -And what is a “plan”?

Lots more Studying …

All I have to do is have a plan…hmmm!   Hmmm again!

Everyone and everything you read tells you, you need a plan for posting to your new media, but nobody tells you exactly how to do that, have you noticed?

There are a couple of things you can do.  Here they are:

1.    Hire a professional, like Bonnie Sainsbury, Jonathan Christian or Owen Clark to do it for you.

2.   Do it yourself.  (DIY)

Here is why you hire a professional.

  1. A professional has been doing this type of marketing for, let’s say “enough years” to actually know what he/she is doing, and at it’s finest.  They can make you look larger than life, and also make your online posts sound as though you have written them yourself.
  2. You pay for it in $.

Here is why you do it yourself.

  1. You have no $.
  2. You are willing to put in many long hours of hard work and study for 1-2 years without making much money while you go through the learning curve.  You pay for it with “blood, sweat & tears”.

Which sounds better to you?

Most businesses pick the latter, which is why so many small businesses do not make it past the first year of business, let alone the first 5 years of business.

So, let’s say you have chosen to DIY.

Tune in for the next post on “The rest of the story”.


The Marketing Mentress



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