Banner ADS are back! Making up 61.7% of US Online Display related Advertising


Remember the little banners that predominately took over every high traffic web page and then a shift to ‘boring’ text ads that Google Adwords turned into blue links that appeared next to its web query responses.  Well companies are flocking to Google Display Network which has the potential to reach about 90% of the global internet audience.  We all know Pay-per-click services like Facebook PPC, Youtube PPC, Google AdWords… are creating enormous amounts of revenues for their companies. $106 billion is yearly being spent on online advertisement by companies all over the world.  $106 billion?!

Well, in fact these are NOT the only Ad Display Networks out there.  Either you realise it or you don’t, but it is a truth that on the internet,  advertisement has grow to be a huge business. The concept is much easier than you would expect… Basically, ad network companies are using its enormous buying power to buy advertising space in form of banner impressions and creating a massive traffic marketplace.  Most of these companies do not pay out to ad resellers or publishers but here’s one Ad network that does.

I recently discovered as an Affiliate Marketer a company that pays out all aspects of their Advertising campaigns.  They rely on their affiliate members to promote their product and in return give you Ad impressions and profit sharing. Welcome to Affiliate heaven!     My efforts have now shifted to this lucrative market of Online Advertising in the form of BANNERS!  Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, AOL sites do not pay you?!  Do they!

Some people invest in real estate, stock shares, banks… without being sure of making substantial profit.  This company called Banners Broker provides you with a 200% return on the cost of your own ad packages.  Banners Brokers found the solution to two problems: first of all, it offers a great way to advertise your own businesses on autopilot and secondly, Banners Broker offers its members up to 200% back on their advertising cost. You double your money by 13 mouse clicks.  I use ad banners for all my affiliate products and have doubled my traffic within a short period of time.  I no longer use Google Ad networks paying high costs for impressions I now am able to get 3-5 times more impression juice to run all my marketing campaigns.  I create my own ads in the network and blast them out virally~ on autopilot everyday!

Here’s how it works?

Banners Broker is a Banner Impression and Traffic Marketplace for worldwide members. The members (and its FREE to join) get to be part of their advertising network and participate in their Global Inventory Sales. The members greatly benefit from the Network’s Revenue since they combine both advertisers and publishers in a unique Online Ad Serving Platform. When someone buys an Ad package with Banners Broker, not only are they buying banner impressions, but they also receive ad inventory that they sell on your behalf, earning you commissions never before seen!  Publishers in the past needed their own website to sell ad inventory, and even if you had your own website, you needed traffic to sell your ad space and make money. Well not anymore!  Banner Broker provides ad inventory in every AD combo package, and allows you to participate in the inventory sales. You will be compensated like never before. Your business will grow and you earn from your own advertising

Across the advertising world, marketers are realizing that the shift to digital is inevitable as consumers spend more time online with their iPads, Blackberry’s, and Androids.  Seeing text ads is not attracting conversions but BANNER ads are!  All kinds of shapes, sizes, messages that lure anyone to wanna click!

Now that’s impressionable!  Banners ADS are here and there’s no going back.


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