What you MUST know about SILVER for investment

First, watch this video

What this means for you:
 Silver is poised to become the new GOLD and the upside potential is huge!
 Consider Silver in your investment portfolio.
 Silver shortages mean you should consider buying silver jewellery. Since the price of silver is undervalued, when you design your jewellery, silver is a good bet as a future investment. In other words, it is likely the future value of your piece will be much greater than your investment. Clients who do not want to polish their silver can rhodium plate the piece to make it tarnish proof. Rhodium plating only enhances the value of the piece.
 There are new jewellery trends to set small diamonds and gemstones in Silver. This is a current fashion trend because it keeps the prices lower. Large gemstones however should be set in gold or platinum as silver is softer and not as secure for setting purposes.
 If you have any 925 silver pieces (including silverware, tea sets, dinnerware and the like), my recommendation is that you hang on to it for now. If prices go as predicted, they will be worth much more in the not too distant future!

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