…The Rest of the Story… Online Etiquette, What’s that?!

Recap:  You were “pink-slipped” at 55+; you ran out of EI; you started your own business; you had no sales; you began establishing your online presence through online media.

So, you have sent out some…a lot of…messages on email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.  You are writing a blog that is being posted to your website regularly.  –But you are receiving some “snarky” replies to your good humour and sarcasm.  Why is this happening to you?  “I am a nice person.” you say,  “Who loves life and enjoys having fun.  Why don’t they like me?”

Another News Flash!

They don’t know you enough about you to like you, so you need to “sell yourself”…the new media way.

“How’s that?” you say.

Well, I almost lost two great friendships through emails that were misunderstood.  One email I had sent, and the other was sent to me.

The use of sarcasm and humour when communicating in business simply must be communicated with great care.  The rule of thumb is to avoid using it in your online communications, and you will always be safe.  This is business, remember, and everything we do online must contribute to building professional relationships, even as we would in a face-to-face meeting.  –But even more carefully communicated than in person, because  “they can’t see your quirky smile as you type that great line.”

Here are a few short tips to remember when communicating through your online media:

Email:  Acknowledge and address people by name.  (Sorry, Hiyah doesn’t cut it…neither does just launching into a statement without so much as a “Hello”…even with people you know well!)

  1. Begin with addressing them by name.
  2. Then a pleasant reference to either something you have been communicating on or a simple “How are you?”, or a reference to something you noticed in their profile, or, that you noticed you both have something in common.
  3. Then go into what you are communicating about in the main body with your compelling message…keep it short.  People will turn you off if they have too much to plough through before you get to your point.
  4. Then lighten it up at the end of your communication with something like, “Look forward to talking to you soon…etc.”
  5. Always close with a proper salutation.  –And in that salutation, you can have your references to your website and all your contact information.  (eg: Sincerely, Susie Blockenschpeil)

This format works for your emailing, but, “How should I communicate with people through the different types of social media?”  you ask.

  1. Twitter: Messages  here are short with a catchy slogan/title.  Add a URL that will take people to your blog, or website with something to offer there for free.  Using hash tags is good in moderation.  Using slogans that you have coined yourself with the #Your Name at the end is also effective in getting the search engines to recognize you.  Using the hash tag must be kept to moderation, because you want people to be able to read and understand what you are saying.  Remember, not everyone is a “social media maven”.  Twitter is used for B2B and B2C marketing.
  2. Facebook: Here you can use a longer message, but simply posting the same thing you are posting to Twitter is a good idea as well.  It will save you some time.  This medium is best used for B2C.  You will also want to include a URL that points people to your website or blog site, where they can view and read “stuff” for free.  You can also use video and podcasts on your Facebook page.
  3. LinkedIn:  You can also use the same post here that you post on Twitter.  LinkedIn is also a great place to post your blogs.  Be sure to keep the posts professional.  This medium is mainly used for B2B marketing.  You can also use video and podcasts on your LinkedIn page.

Just remember to be real, genuine and portray who you really are…a person of integrity,  honesty, and ready to help others when needed.

NOW, look at you!

You have mastered your messaging, but there is so much to be said about your business and so much you want to share with all your connections.  It seems that you are spending 12-16 hours a day on your computer following up with connections and sending messages.  It won’t be long before you burn yourself out!

However, there is a simple way to get control of your new media!  Tune in next time for “the rest of the story.”

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  1. Hi,

    I find this content helpful as I am new to social media.
    I am still trying to learn but at least this article tells you what each different social media is more used for.

    I will put to good use right away!


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