5 Keys to Exceptional Leadership

People suffer without dynamic and effective leadership.  So if you wish to make a difference with your team here are 5 essential elements to practise.

1. Make a difference: To create an impact on your team you must nurture and support their efforts so that they will become empowered and reach their potential.

2. Be authentic:  In order to be trusted and believed you must “walk the walk not just talk the talk”.  Do not ask your team members to do anything that you yourself would not do.   Strive to continue to better yourself and that will set a good example for those you are leading.

3. Operate in a transparent fashion: Self disclosure and honesty will always be respected.  If you expect others to be honest you must operate in that manner as well.  Be accountable and admit mistakes.

4. Be a forward looking achiever: Having goals and intentions and accomplishing those aims shows you have purpose and integrity.  Those traits make you believable and inspirational.

5. Be influential:  If you can influence others as well as be influenced, you again demonstrate your powers to lead and learn.  Always be ethical  in the use of this tool as it is another important skill  for admired leaders.

If you espouse these 5 keys you will be well on your way to becoming a leader who will create a legacy impact on those with you interact.  Plus you will reap the rewards in your business.  A well lead team is more productive, efficient, creative and happy…all crucial to a solid bottom line!

4 thoughts on “5 Keys to Exceptional Leadership

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your comment and for visiting this site. This was my first venture into the blogging world and I now have a blog on my own site as well.
      We post 2/month here and I plan to do the same on my site…different blogs in each location.
      Happy New year! May you enjoy good health, peace and love in 2012!

  1. Sandy, your words are so true. Without using the 5 keys that you mentioned, it is very difficult to create strong, effective teams.

    • Hi Tracy,
      Thank you for your comments. The outcomes for teams depend upon their leaders and honestly, if they just follow some simple, common sense strategies they can be so much more effective.

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