(Dr.) Holly Brings You ‘Health-on-Wheels’

Growing up in the country, we had big gardens, ate home-cooked meals, played outside in the fresh air – year round, I might add.  When we got sick, it was about remedies not drugs.  You pretty much had to be dead in our house to get an aspirin, but there was lots of my Grandmother’s chicken soup, advice from Dr. Spock’s book and tender, loving care.  I am also old enough to remember the concept of doctors making housecalls – in person, not the video-telemedicine kind.

Fast-forward to today’s world. We are conditioned to head for the drug store and grab a ‘medication’ off the shelf because the commercials we do watch have taught us to self-diagnose and auto-prescribe.

The good news is this: we DO have a choice.  The marketplace for health care is shifting and options are available. Now, we have to do some research and make an informed choice.  Remember, www.google.com is a marketing tool more than an information source. There are medical and scientific browsers that are comprehensive sources – www.pubmed.com and www.medscape.org – to name two, and certified alternative healthcare providers in a host of specialty areas.  I have interviewed several such practitioners in the past months, and would like to introduce them to you one at a time.

The choice I want to talk about today is a talented, highly trained and experienced lady named Holly Fourchalk.  Certified as a Category 1 DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine) –  Please follow that link and find out what that truly means – (Dr.) Holly speaks on health and wellness, leads workshops and workplace seminars as well as having a thriving practice.

Imagine having your practitioner come to you, having your appointment in your own comfortable surroundings where she can understand more about you and your life than just the ‘symptom of the day’.  What is it like to discuss your health, diet and nutritional needs and then go through the cupboards to explore your options and alternatives? Holly is trained in both Western and Eastern nutritional assessment and is both a Registered Herbalist and a Master Herbalist. How about evaluating the  practical physical issues your Mom might face after a fall? Her training in Western and Eastern methods of reflexology apply here.

What you need to know about (Dr.) Holly is this – her practice is mobile, allowing her to serve a great cross-section of the population of B.C.’s Lower Fraser Valley communities.  Her focus is on your health and wellness, with proactive and preventive strategies that include cellular, systemic and environmental effects.  She also has a Ph.D in Psychology, which she received in 1991.  Remember Charlie Brown’s friend Lucy, whose sign read “The doctor is IN”?  With (Dr.) Holly, she could be ‘IN’ your living room.  How reassuring is that?

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