‘Hyperlocal’ Sites Deliver News without Newspapers

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What is hyperlocal anyway? 

Generally, hyper-local refers to the movement away from mass media towards niche, local markets.

Hyperlocal publishing, location based services, news, daily deals, and local advertising.   ‘The Secret’ we think it’s something that happens in your neighborhood.

Today, #, the Twitter hashtag, forms the cornerstone of a community convened by shared interests and sustained by communal action in social networks.   Social media isn’t just about sharing your story; it’s about having the community participate in the process, and giving persistence to your social media presence is the link that binds you.

Local businesses, especially ones that live and die by people walking in their front door, are underequipped and under resourced to attack a marketing landscape that changes in rapid times our job is to stay on top of those changes, so our customers don’t have to think about them.

How to get sustainability is to bridge online news to offline networks, when local people read about their community online, interact, share and then have an opportunity to engage offline in social business networks its powerful!

Hyperlocal news sites and that’s what this  is,  often capture the thoughts and voices of their community of readers through blog posts and articles written by  journalists or local bloggers. Hyperlocal news has a powerful feature because the content is from local bloggers, people that know their topic, and having a voice means you are heard in a small but BIG way with a local audience all reading your intelligence and relating to it.  Nobody knows more about what’s happening in the community than those who live in it.


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