Pinterest as a Public Relations Tool

Doesn’t it seem like every day more and more social media tools and platforms are being made available to us? You may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start but if you are looking for a way to work and play at the same time, I know the right platform for you: Pinterest. This is a creative social media platform that allows you to be daring and showcase your personality via your brand while using it as a Public Relations (PR) tool.

Pinterest is an invite only (you can request an invite) platform that allows you to organize pin boards by whatever theme and category you want. It is a primarily visual website where you pin images and videos from followers, Pinterest, Internet or upload them from your computer or phone! Once you set up your account, feel free to implement some of these tips on how to create a conversation around your boards:

1. Make sure you come up with a (creative) name for each of your boards. When you select the “edit” function, make sure you also add a description. It doesn’t hurt to be witty.

2. Fill in the description of your board. Try and be witty.

3. Select a category for your board (this will help it show up in searches).

4. Have a variety of boards. They don’t all have to be related to your business or brand but should reflect your personality and interests.

5. Pick a few topics and create boards and deiced that you are going to be a specialist in those boards. If you are the specialist and are pinning a lot of great images and videos, you will attract a lot of followers.

6. Like, Repin and Follow interesting people and boards.

7. Give credit where credit is due (example: tell us where the pin is from or who took the picture).

8. Comment on pins, both yours (especially when there are repins and likes) and other people’s pins.

9. If you are promoting your own images or work, make sure that they are integrated with other images and videos. It doesn’t look good to be self-preachy.

10. If you want to have a few boards dedicated to yourself, cap it at 3 boards and make sure you have at least 5 other boards.

11. Promote that you have a Pinterest account (on Facebook, your website, Twitter, e-newsletter and another way you like to communicate).

12. Pin from both Pinterest and the Internet.

13. Pin a few pins every day and have fun.

Public Relations is the planned effort to influence public opinion through responsible action supported by two-way communication. What better way to do this than using one of the hottest social media tools out there?

If you would like to see an example of a creative account check out www.pinterest.com/blair_kaplan.

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