Forget about ‘Virtual Reality’ – Are you ready for some ‘Virtual Relief’?

Do you suffer from ‘Entrepreneur’s Disease’?   Is this you?

  • full-time “entrepreneur”
  • not enough hours in your busy-ness day
  • more tasks than time
  • more month than money
  • torn between working ‘in’ your business and working ‘on’ it?

Take a deep breath:  You are not alone! In established or traditional businesses, there are people to share that load.  My Grandmother used to say “Many hands make light work” – as true in an office as it is on a farm. When you work for yourself, this support network is – occasional  “volunteer” assistance aside – not there, or not there when you need it!  Sometimes the biggest challenge is the right kind of support (how  about that social media campaign?) for just enough time to get the job done?

You are in luck.  This new ‘Virtual’ world has spawned a whole new set of ‘helpers’, and this is exactly why many business entrepreneurs have virtual assistants, also known as VA’s. Virtual assistants are hired help that work for you through the Internet. They can be located across town or in distant parts of the globe and they often are because of the low price. You have the world’s workforce at your fingertips.

The Advantages of Hiring a VA

The biggest ‘gain’ of having a virtual assistant is that you can get rid of the mundane tasks that eat away at your time. Your VA can handle items that are unpleasant or difficult for you  (haven’t mastered that new program yet?). They can also take over certain aspects of your business when you go on vacation. Some VA services are highly skilled in areas like internet communications which you may not be good at yourself.

Your Biggest Fear? The Downsides

There are a few realities to consider, as well:

  • Training and managing your VA can sometimes be a job in and of itself.
  • The technology for communicating over long distances can be temperamental and
  • there may be language or cultural barriers to overcome.
  • Finally, you may have to give out sensitive information about your business that requires a great deal of trust.

However, your virtual assistant can handle so many of the different routine tasks for your online business that the benefits usually outweigh any of the challenges.

Here’s an idea for you:

As you go through your week, keep track of all the little jobs that take you away from building your business, and track how much of your time that all takes.  Then, do the math!  What is the cost in lost ROI of you doing it all, versus the benefit of you building your revenue stream? That will be another conversation.  Maybe we should talk!

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