Life with my iPad

On March 16th, 2012, two events occurred that had a measure of synchronicity – Apple began selling the 3rd Generation iPad and I celebrated my birthday.

The synchronicity is that my daughter organized the most excellent birthday gift from my family – yep, an iPad 3rd Gen.

This blog series will cover my learning curve and experiences as I use the device and then extend its use with some of the fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) applications available for it.

The unpacking and first use were, as you’d imagine, pretty straightforward. I charged it and then connected it to my iMac where iTunes recognized it. After going through a couple of steps to validate it (such as signing into my iTunes ID), iTunes loaded all my current apps without further intervention.

The next step I went through was to load as much of my music as possible (the iPad is the 64 GB model, Wi-Fi only). I wasn’t able to quite get all 58+ GB loaded, as I wanted to leave some space for books and, of course, apps. However, I was able to load a fair amount.

The next step was to take a look, via Google Search, for free e-books (hey, I am Scottish, after all!) and download a few. The first book I read was Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”. My first impression was that the Retina display is extremely sharp – after reading about the adventures of the Musketeers and D’Artagnan followed by a couple of science fiction titles (from Baen Books, who offer a strong list of free e-books), I experienced no fatigue in my eyes whatsoever. Using the tablet now for over three months, that is still the case – among its other strengths, the iPad is an excellent e-reader.

So, on to productivity – one of the great benefits of Apple’s development of iCloud is the smooth way iCal and Address Book items synchronize across my Macs (x2 – an iMac and a MacBook Pro) and iOS devices (iPhone and the iPad). It’s really easy now to ensure my appointments are up to date no matter which device they’re entered on (I generally have been carrying the MacBook Pro to use at client sites so have the option of using that or the iPhone). It’s worked very well for me, helping me to keep on top of client appointments and items that require follow-up.

In further episodes, I’ll be discussing some of the applications I’m using day-to-day in my business, as well as the case I chose to protect it.

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