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You are your business.  In the current state of the economy, if small business owners like us aren’t optimizing our health, the Joneses are getting the edge!

Here are some 3 quick tips to get you started in the right direction of optimal health.

1.  If you have a health condition, get it handled!  Especially you men out there, I know, you just want to wait until something bad happens and you get sick before you visit your doctor.  There’s a reason why 70% of my patients are women!  They’re smarter!  Quit procrastinating with your health and get that weird bellyache looked at!  And if you’re over 40, go in for your annual checkups.  It’s over quick and easy and you’ve caught it early if it’s there.

Go see an alternative medicine practitioner.  They can assess your health and keep your body running optimally, naturally.  It’s called preventive medicine; use it!

2.  Moderate your caffeine and alcohol intake.  You don’t need somebody to tell you how much you’re over-drinking.  Caffeine will actually leave you more tired and less focused.   Caffeine engages your body’s fight or flight mode that has you running inefficiently off of adrenaline and its cousin cortisol, an immune suppressant.   It’s especially dangerous to your health if you’re chain-coffee drinking throughout the day.

Consciously start by taking one cup of coffee out of your daily routine.  If you have coffee between the hours of 11am and 1pm, start with that one.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, that time of day pertains to the Heart Channel.  Consumption of stimulants during that time damages Heart energy and will leave you anxious and sleeping poorly.  Next, take out the latest cup of the day.  This will help your sleep immensely.

Make your alcoholic drink of choice red wine and limit yourself to 1 or 2 – 5oz glasses per day.  Never binge drink.

And if you smoke, quit!

3.  Exercise.  You don’t have to go nuts and workout every day.  A good mix of Yoga or Pilates, cardio 3 times per week for a half-hour, and some easy weight-lifting sessions is all you need.  A good combination of cardio and weight lifting can be squeezed into an hour in a good circuit training class for those of you who think you don’t have time to exercise.

And did I mention Yoga?  Yoga is a great way to gain core strength while putting the mind in touch with the body.  Mindfulness training through Yoga will help you shut off that fight-or-flight mode adrenaline response.  Daily meditation is another powerful way to calm the nervous system.  Your productivity and sense of wellbeing will skyrocket if you do a few Yoga classes per week.  Find a deal on your favorite social deal-buying group site that gives you a month of unlimited Yoga classes for cheap near your work or home and see if you like it.

A less popular but equally as beneficial option is Qi Gong or Tai Chi.   The Chinese have been using this movement art to optimize their health for thousands of years.  For a link to an upcoming free outdoor Tai Chi demonstration event on Vancouver’s Sea Wall, click ‘here’.

So keep the machine running your business (You!) working optimally.

Go join a Yoga class, book a consultation with an alternative medicine practitioner, get on it!  Your business can’t afford not to!

About Peter Wood

Peter acquired his Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE) in 1996 at the University of Manitoba, giving him a solid foundation of knowledge in the area of musculoskeletal injury, rehabilitation, and in the physiology of respiration. He received his Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) designation in 2005, and his Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCM.P) designation in 2006. He completed the 5 year academic portion of the Doctor of TCM program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver in December of 2006, and went on to complete the clinical portion, spending 2 months on an internship at the Anhui Hospital in Hefei, China. In September of 2009, he became registered as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Dr.TCM). Peter is currently on the healing team based out of Qi Integrated Health (www.qiintegratedhealth.com) in Kitsilano, Vancouver. His main focus is the treatment of Asthma, and Peter’s particular interest lies in Exercise Induced Asthma (EIA). This focus has brought him experience in treating the related conditions of Allergies and Eczema. His business name is Wood Way Acupuncture Inc. and his website is www.woodway.ca.

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