How to Have Integrity in a World of Manipulative Sales Presentations

Have you ever felt like a presenter was trying to program your mind to buy something? If you’ve been given an opportunity to present about your business but you’re afraid of being too pushy or boring, consider an Education Based Marketing Presentation.

These kinds of presentations are now taking the place of sales pitches because they offer a “taste test” of your offering and are therefore more likely to build trust.

Education-based marketing presentations are useful if you are an expert, coach, consultant, manager, cause leader, or business owner and you want to be profitable without sacrificing your integrity.

An example

A man who helps people start coaching businesses offers a free presentation entitled “What makes a great coach?” It’s delivered to a group of people in career transition and includes an assessment to see whether or not coaching is a good career path for them. At the end, he spends a few minutes telling people the services he offers in case they want to continue exploring the idea of being a coach.

You probably have seen these kinds of presentations—they are done live at association meetings, conferences, public seminars, or online as streaming videos, audio programs or interactive webinars.

Why does this approach work?

Firstly, his audience members are interested in exploring different career options anyway so they are already a bit open to his message. They get to learn a new career field and about what makes a good coach. This is useful not only to be a coach but to choose a good coach. They get to learn about their own capacities and inclinations for that kind of career. They get face to face contact with the man offering the service – and he comes across as legitimate, knowledgeable, credible and trustworthy. Then at that point they are much more open to his message and to what he offers, which allows them to make a wise choice for themselves.

It’s non manipulative

Too many people have felt manipulated by sales people and so you need to first dissolve that distrust before you can ever get anyone to listen. Education-based marketing is about just drawing in people who are a good fit for what you offer, as opposed to trying to sell to just anyone. If you come to people with that intention it’s far easier to build trust.

Contrast that to cold calling

Let’s contrast that to an old fashioned style of marketing. For example, the same fellow cold calls anyone and everyone…people not in career transition…who have no inclination towards coaching… who don’t care about the topic, who have no idea who he is… and who are in the middle of something else. That’s why those kinds of approaches yield such poor results and are quite frankly painful to do.

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