From Failure to Graduation

“I just don’t know what to do with her anymore, she chatters a lot in class and doesn’t have any focus and we don’t know if she is going to graduate or not. All year long she’s been coming home with C- and D’s. She’s had problems all of her school years BUT this is her FINAL YEAR and she has to make it.”
Those were the anguished words from a friend whose daughter was having a very difficult time in her Senior Year of High School. The daughter had great plans for pursuing a career in nursing but those plans were seriously taking a backward step as he could not get her studies down to a manageable activity. We told her of our experience.
Someone once told us that if you put proper nutritional food into a person’s body, amazing and wonderful things happen. We were just fortunate enough to have a daughter who had the same problem which also included a great desire for chattiness. At first she balked at the idea but through some dialogue and discussion and the thought of graduation, she went on a nutritional health system that proved to have tremendous results.
Having her take part in this program resulted in her having better focus on her studies and exams. Because of this focus and clarity of mind she was able to graduate with C+’s and B’s and was thrilled to be with all classmates, crossing the floor to receive her graduation diploma!!
Is your child’s well being, no matter what age, important enough for you to take action? What are your thoughts?

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