From Skepticism To Making Me Healthy

Are you a skeptic? Don’t believe things will do what they claim those things do or don’t do? Welcome to my world!!Having been in a pretty toxic and confrontational work environment, I was pretty skeptical of a lot of things especially when it had to do with my health. But because I wanted to prove a point I put that skepticism to the test and I put it in my mouth.
As I said, the job was pretty confrontational and toxic which proved to cause many unhealthy home and personal issues. In fact it was so unhealthy that neither my family nor my neighbours wanted me around.
It got so bad that one night I had a medical emergency which required me to be hospitalized for several days and while in hospital I was told that if it wasn’t for those products I was taking ,I would be in worse shape than I was, but I I would still have to prepare for Long Term Disability. My wife and I were overjoyed because we didn’t like that place I was employed at.
Well I went on a rigorous rehabilitation program using those products that I was very skeptical about and continued to visit the Dr.’s and taking the medication. Each time I went to see the Dr., he would decrease the medication and also later on decreased my visits. About 3 ½ months into my recovery from this medical emergency, medication was withdrawn for good as well as my visits were drastically reduced.
Closing in on 6 months, I went in to do some blood work and do the paperwork for my Long term Disability and the Dr says to me. “we have good news and we have bad news, the good news is your blood work came back clean and the bad news is, we can’t honour your long Term Disability. I had to go back to that place that caused all the problems! I did go back for a bit more but I’m out of there now!!!
Are you concerned about your health but skeptical of what’ out there? Let’s talk..

2 thoughts on “From Skepticism To Making Me Healthy

  1. Pete,
    After reading your post, I’m curious how you deal with skepticism when you write about vague solutions and “those products”. I’m all for rational dialogue when it comes to health, but I don’t know what position you’ve taken. It sounds like you’ve had an interesting journey so lets hear more about it. Cheers

    • Hi Scott
      I see what you mean about being a bit evasive. It certainly was not my intent and proves I should proof read a bit better before submitting.
      What I intone is that when you put the right foods into your body amazing things happen! You know that our soils are bankrupt and our foods are therefore nutritionally depleted. This bankruptcy and depletion causes a lot of health issues that can be eliminated with the right nutritional foods and supplements. I was fortunate enough to find them BUT I was originally very skeptical of the results I heard from others, so I accepted the challenge to see what they would do in MY body. The results have been fantastic and have been on these products for the past 6 years.

      Have you been searching for something for your health?

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