3 Real Things a Virtual Assistant can do for You

Man-With-Question-06 150So here you are….

stretched to your limits … over-committed … overworked … overwhelmed  … desperate for some help

not sure where to start … and, maybe – just maybe – ready to admit that Assistance sounds like a good idea. 

Let’s go back to your (seemingly) endless task list and see what a Virtual Assistant could do for you.  


Divide your list into two parts:

  1. the things you need done immediately  “in” your business– often part of necessary (but time-consuming) daily routines, and then
  2. the items related to working “on” your business – often longer-term, but essential for your business plans and growth

Here are some areas you might find on your own list:

Research and Finding Resources A great job for your virtual assistant is to do research for you. You can assign them tasks to find specific information you need about your market, new products or even information about competitors.

Email Management There are many email tasks that your virtual assistant can take over for you. For example, You may have a VA  clean out your email inbox or sort messages into appropriate folders. They may handle routine communications, send reminders to your clients (a simple ‘ cut and paste’ of messages you composed once)  so that ail they have to do is send.

Social Media Management Many business owners find daily social media tasks difficult to maintain regularly.  A virtual assistant can be assigned to manage all of their daily social media tasks. They may update your social media site, set up profiles for you, find people to connect to, or research your target market using social media, and keep you up-to-date with your online presence.

Finding the Right Help Almost all business owners  need an assistant at some point. A Virtual assistant may be the answer for you. It’s good to have a few tasks picked out before you need them. That way, you can take the time to shop around for people that are skilled at the tasks you need done. Start another list: Keep those contacts handy, so you can reach these people when you are ready to act.

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