Life with my iPad, Part 5

Password Security

In previous posts in this series, we’ve discussed various productivity-related applications (OmniFocus, Evernote, and Dropbox among others.).

This time, we’ll discuss passwords, or rather, managing passwords. The pre-eminent application on iOS devices, as well as on Macs (and Windows PCs and Android devices, too) is 1Password. This excellent utility manages all your passwords, as well as other security-sensitive information like credit card numbers, behind the Master Password (the 1Password of the app’s name).

A core feature is the application’s ability to generate hard-to-crack passwords for you and fill these on secure sites without you needing to remember them. And, with more and more users having multiple devices (I regularly use iMac, iPhone and iPad as well as occasional use of a Windows test system), a critical feature is 1Password’s ability to synchronize your passwords between devices.[1]

If your online life is anything like mine, you will have dozens of Web sites where you have accounts (from financial sites like PayPal and your bank, to educational institutions and Web community sites). 1Password not only makes managing your passwords for these sites extremely straightforward, it also helps you create and manage very secure passwords. The application on iOS devices includes an excellent built-in Web browser – this enables the application to open secure sites without falling foul of Apple’s stringent “sandboxing” rules.

If you haven’t tried 1Password, now is a good time – the iOS version (now at version 4.0) is $7.99, half-price for a limited period to celebrate the new version’s release.

  1. It does this by synchronizing with your Dropbox account (or iCloud, in the new version, which is currently available for iOS; OS X and Windows to follow).  ↩

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