City Election – Why Vote?

photoThe Non-Partisan Association (NPA) and Mayoral Candidate Kirk LaPointe represent Vancouver at its best: diverse, innovative and open. The NPA has existed since 1937 and has elected 11 mayors and hundreds of city councillors, park board trustees and school board trustees.  Our principles for success as outlined on our website are to lead a dynamic global city that is “liveable, culturally rich, and generates real economic prosperity.”  As your candidate for City Council I will work to reduce the red tape choking the pace of enterprise so you can hire employees, sell goods and services and continue to make Vancouver thrive.

Recent examples of how the two NPA incumbents, Councillors Elizabeth Ball and George Affleck, have stayed true to the values of enterprise include Elizabeth Ball’s motion “Vancouver as a Future Host City for the FIA Formula E Championship” (July 22, 2014).The motion carried unanimously and directed city staff to explore the opportunity for Vancouver to become a future host city for a FIA Formula E Championship race featuring Formula cars powered exclusively by electric energy.

George Affleck’s motion “Allowing for the Sale of Craft Made Spirits, Beer and Wine at Farmers Markets” (July 8, 2014)carried unanimously in amended form and initiated a pilot program to allow for the sale of craft made spirits, beer and wine at Farmers Markets, and that following completion of the pilot program, instructed staff, with due diligence and consulting with community, to review the results of the pilot and make recommendations regarding the City of Vancouver’s guidelines for the sale of craft made spirits, beer and wine at Farmers Markets. These are just a couple of examples of how NPA candidates will champion the voices of small business.  Connect with me as I want to listen to your view.


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