Framework of a Business



For a business to profit it needs a solid, structural framework.


The main elements for a business to function at top capacity include:

Communication – The circulation system of the business

Database – The brains of the business

Owner – The heart of the business

Employees/subcontractors – The backbone of the business

Each element works in unison with the next. Like a well oiled machine, it is vitally important to understand how each element functions in order for your business to successfully operate as a whole. As soon as the entire framework fuses together, you have discovered the formula for your business to flourish, transported to peak performance and the ability to turn a lucrative profit.

It is all about the details

 Figuratively speaking it is similar to combining all the pieces of a puzzle to fit correctly.  Each piece has its own unique shape eventually revealing an image. The same happens when assembling your business. Each element relies on every component to form properly together. Comparable to building a home, the framework of a business needs a solid foundation and regular maintenance to operate effectively and efficiently.


A good framework begins with how communication circulates throughout your business. Good communication is a key factor for every business to succeed and to be productive. Consider for a moment how one single document could be handled, viewed and processed by a dozen or more people before a concrete decision of its final destination has been finalized.  Good business communication practices work as a team to expedite the decision process.


The next important factor of a business framework is the database. It is the brains of the business and often stores vast amount of information in a centralized location. Accuracy is the key as the flow of information is in a state of continuous influx and dependent on the attention of every detail to stay current. Your database is business gold accumulating nuggets of prospects.


The owner is the nucleus of the business. The owner brings the ingenuity, the passion, the vision, and without all these characteristics there would be no business. The owner is the force, the machine behind the momentum and maneuvering through the constant changing business world. Comparable to playing a game of chess a business owner is always strategizing to be one step ahead of its opponent.


For every business to function there needs to be employees or subcontractors. They are the backbone of every business. The business owner steers the vision and the employees or subcontractors bring it to fruition. For your business to grow and succeed it is important to choose employees and subcontractors that will support you in your endeavors to meet your goals.  Strive to build a collaborate team with the correct combination of talent, skill, and cooperation.  Through persistence you will surpass your own expectations as each employee or subcontractor recognizes the importance of bringing value as a team member to your business.


As the owner it is important to invest the time to really possess a good grasp of every element of how your business operates. There is great responsibility, risk, and commitment to be considered as a business owner. The rewards that do come from all the hard work and sacrifices, priceless!



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