Tell me one good reason why I should be blogging!

It isBlogging a well known fact that blogging on your website will improve your Search
Engine Optimization – lovingly referred to as SEO. But what does that actually

If you create a simple website with, let’s say 8 pages of content, your exposure
on the internet is limited and you will likely not show up on page 1 of the search
engines for many keywords other than your brand name.

However, if you regularly blog, you keep your website active, search engines notice
new content, rewarding you positively with their algorithm, and you are able to add
keywords to your website that would otherwise be missing.

So, here is your first good reason for blogging – gain a good search engine
position through active content and an effective keyword strategy.

Increase the impact of your blog article in search results

Make sure you keep your keyword strategy in mind. Think about long tail keywords
as integrate them about 4-5 times in your average length blog post of about 500

Try and add at least one picture into your blog post and don’t forget to add an
Alt Tag to the image and include a meta description. You can do that in your blog

If you have a video, you can make your blog even more powerful. Host the video on
YouTube and optimize for the same keywords.

Drive traffic to your blog by promoting it on third party websites. Ensure you are
not just duplicating your blog, though. You can certainly write about the same topic
but don’t use the same copy. A summary of your article on a third party page would
be a great way to drive traffic to your own blog.

Don’t forget about Social Media. Keep driving traffic to your Blog post by tweeting
and posting on other Social Media Accounts that you have access to. Don’t forget to
add the link!

Do you want more?

How about I give you more than this one good reason? How about I give you 5 good
reasons for blogging? Check these out and follow me so you will see more details on
the other 4 in the blog posts to come in the near future!

1) Gain a good search engine position through active website content and an
effective keyword strategy

2) Build inbound links by guest blogging on third party websites, again resulting
in positive results for SEO

3) Position yourself as an expert in areas that are relevant to your business

4) Provide content that you can drive your existing customers to through email

5) Monetize your blog by driving traffic to your paid programs or products


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