True Love – Google+ & YouTube

 Did you Know YouTube was owned by Google?

Google Paid $1.65 Billion in October 2006 for YouTube and made some young guys very, very rich! Since it is owned by Google anything that happens on YouTube catches their attention immediately.

So guess what happens to YouTube rankings when  a video is optimized for a Keyword or keyword phrase? If you guessed that it got high rankings, you’d be right.  BUT, and it is a big BUT, not only does it get high rankings but it gets noted with the image so it stands out like a sore thumb on a Search Page.

I think everyone knows Google is pretty much the King of Search, but just in case here are some statistics and facts about Google

According to Statista.com  Google is a California-based, multinational internet company which provides internet-based products and services such as online search and advertising, cloud computing and software. In July 2012, Google.com was the most visited website in the United States with 166.47 million U.S. unique visitors and a 66.67 percent market share of the U.S. search engine market. Google’s 2012 market capitalization was valued at 184.50 billion U.S. dollars

But let’s use pictures, it makes it far easier to appreciate.

Search image

So Google dominates Search worldwide and Google loves YouTube videos, so listings of videos dominate Google search.

See how video makes a listing pop.

Google search image

Now you can see why YouTube is so important for anyone that is trying to get noticed by the search engines, and if you get this sort of recognition on Google imagine how it is on the other Search engines.

YouTube is a Search Engine

You may not have realized it but YouTube is also a search engine, and while I could not put my finger on the statistics I have heard it may be the second largest Search engine next to Google itself.

So now you get two significant search engines that can help bring you visitors if you use Video and put it up on YouTube.

Social Media in general loves video.

Twitter certainly loves video and tweets with videos are usually the most shared. Needless to say Facebook loves video. Is there anyone who has not seen at least 1 Cat video on Facebook?  Of course Pinterest loves videos,  and in all the social directories, videos always rank highly.

Do I Love YouTube?

Oh Yes! I love YouTube and their videos and you should too!  It will make your online life far easier if you just accept that videos are critical to you success.  And it doesn’t have to be your own video, think of some of the great videos you can embed in your blog posts and pull onto your Facebook page.  You can pick some guaranteed winners from YouTube with millions of views and comments and simply use them on your social media to enhance your rankings.

But What About Google Plus?

 Google Plus has in my opinion some of the very best tools and yet few people know about them and they work in conjunction with YouTube and of course rank highly on Google if you have great content.

Let’s consider some of their great tools:

Hangouts –  these are far and away my favorite tool, as they let me create videos on the fly.  I can show my face to let people know I’m real, which is super important and then share my screen or even share a YouTube video, to help me tell my story.  Then they get turned into a video and placed on your YouTube channel.

They can also be used instead of Webinars, and since some of the Webinar tools have gotten pretty costly, FREE is an awfully good price for being able to present in front of an unlimited audience.

They can be used in conjunction with Events, another Google Plus feature, and you can have attendees commenting and asking questions while the Event is in progress.

You can rank your Hangout like you would any other video but it is not unheard of for highly publicized well set up Events with Hangouts to get ranked on the search engines while the Event is in progress.  Google loves video and they absolutely adore live content!

G+ screenshot

You can see from my Google Plus page above where the Events tab and the Hangouts tabs are located.

Google Plus also allows you to set up pages for your business much like Facebook does, and now you can hold a Google plus Event with a Hangout right on your own Google Plus Business page.  By the way you can also hold that same event with a Hangout on your Facebook page or your Blog at the very same time.

Communities are another huge feature on Google Plus that few people know about and yet it is an incredibly powerful tool.  I use Community Pages instead of Facebook Groups as I find I can organize things there far better.

Have you ever been in a large active Facebook group and you know there was some incredibly valuable information shared two days ago but you simply cannot find it and you’re scrolling back and back and back madly trying to find it?  You can probably tell I’ve been there, done that!  On my Community pages it lets me put things into Categories and they stay where they were put. It is fantastic! You can also create Events in the Community and you can have it private or public whatever you like.

Google Plus Circles

Not shown clearly on my page but Google Plus circles are amazingly powerful tools for finding and interacting with an audience. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Google lets me circle people, who don’t know me and have never interacted with me in any way, but I can still invite them to an event or invite them to come to my Page and get a FREE resource I have prepared for them.

You see once people are in a Circle you can send a message to that circle, and everyone you have placed in that circle will receive your message. So if you really know your audience and have offers that have been designed to please them, or you’d like to hold events for them, you can certainly let them know by simply putting them in your circle and communicating with them directly.  They do not even have to circle you back.

Google Plus Events

I touched on these briefly in my discussion of Hangouts but I want to add a few other neat features of Events.  First of all you can set them up well in advance and you can publicize them publicly on Google Plus.  You can get people to register, tell you whether they are committed to coming or merely thinking about it. You can ask them to share with others, and people who come to look at your publicized event will see how many folks are already committed to coming to the event.

You can have events that are public or you can keep them Private putting them on a Page or a Community.

You can hold special Events for a new audience whom you have just circled, and let only that audience know about the Event!

As I said in conjunction with other features Events can be embedded on your Facebook page on your Blog or Website or…it is kind of up to you.

Now you can see why I love YouTube and Google Plus.  I have just begun to scratch the surface herewith these amazing tools but I will regularly be talking about all things Google Plus and YouTube, with a large smattering of other Social Media ideas thrown in.








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  1. What a wealth of information you have shared. You have done a beautiful job of making Google/You tube, less intimidating, while sharing the value of why we could all benefit from learning to use these tools. Thank you.

  2. WOW>…loved this article!! been saying this for months and really enjoyed how you put it together and demonstrated the ease and power of this combination. Thank you!!!

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