How Sex Can Increase Your Business

Some time ago my family doctor opined that drugs sell and sex sells and that when Pfizer put the two together in a little blue pill they made a fortune. But Pfizer is not the only example that sex sells. Meet Jane Langton and masturbation.

Jane spent several years in the diagnostic imaging field. During this earlier part of her career she observed that many people were having challenges with their sexual health and intimacy but they were not comfortable inquiring and no one asked how they were navigating through these challenges especially when faced with an illness or injury. Jane knew these patients needed support; a place for them to speak candidly about the most intimate and sometimes most difficult topics, as medication isn’t always the answer. In 2008 she returned to school to specialize in Adult Sexual Health. When she was ready she looked for opportunities to put her new knowledge and skills to work, Jane joined a networking group – Rapid Time Networks (RTN) – and that made all the difference.

Most of us are asked to take our business to the “next level”. However, Jane’s vision of being a voice for those who do not know how to talk about their sexual challenges led her business to jump to the top platform after she started networking. As Jane tells it, she brought her message to a place where few would be discussing sex and intimacy and her business and income increased 3-fold after meeting Aaron Cruikshank, 2011 content manager and MC at TEDxSFU, at a meeting in East Vancouver.

He was impressed with the work she was doing and her message; the importance of communicating about our sexual health as it is so intertwined with our overall health. This coincidence led to an invitation to do a TED Talk, and this led to an increased interest in Jane’s private practice and her programs resulting in many more clients. Networking is not necessarily about who you know but who the people you know, know! And for Jane it’s even more importantly about creating trust. “People really need to feel comfortable and safe enough to have these vulnerable conversations.”

And networking is about putting your message in front of people. Jane had the courage to speak about masturbation. First she spoke in front of 40 people at a networking meeting and then in front of live audience of 500 people at the TED Talk and thousands more who live-streamed her presentation.

If you are interested in Jane’s work check out Jane’s video “A motion for masturbation – the naked truth at http://bit.ly/ZiDhDa.” Or join Jane at a networking meeting. Find out meeting times and dates at http://bit.ly/1pcsCzc.

I am surprised by one more thing about Jane’s work – she does a great deal of work with Boomers – 40, 60 and 80 year olds. Hope for a 66 year old blogger.

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