Why Should I Blog?

guest bloggingIn my last post on this topic I gave you a very good reason why you should consider blogging:  Obtain good search engine position through active content and an effective keyword strategy. You can click on my profile to see that article if you missed it.

In that article I promised you four more good reasons for blogging and todays topic is:

Build incoming links by guest blogging on third party websites, again resulting in positive results for SEO!

We all want incoming links to our website. But the times that adding them to link farms would result in Search Engine effectiveness are over. Nowadays you need to provide real value in order to have incoming links that won’t backfire.

Providing guest blog articles in publications or on blogs that are considered a valuable resource is going to give you many brownie points.

How do incoming links impact SEO?

Google follows the links we all put out there on the web. And particularly those from reputable sources that direct back to your website are considered positively in the Google Search Algorithm. Therefore an article in the Huffington Post will provide you with better results than an article on your friend’s blog who just started last week.

Yet, they also should be relevant to the topic on your website. Again, posting on your friend’s blog who is, let’s say an interior designer, about business law is not going to be as valuable as guest blogging on a business coaches blog.

So where do you find those resources where you can post your articles?

Speak to your colleagues in networking groups. Many of them will be grateful and provide you with guest blogging opportunities if your content will add value for their clients.

Locals industry associations and organizations that support small businesses often accept guest bloggers and will provide you with great exposure.

Look out for local online publications such as this one – you will find many who will welcome you as a guest blogger.

Check out the blogging options on LinkedIn where you can add short articles that impact your profile positively add incoming links and drive traffic to your website plus engage your followers.

Key to success:

Consistency! In order to get the most out of your guest blogging activities you need to build consistency in your approach. Quality beats quantity. Pick only as many blogs that you can handle and consistently support.

For example – write 2 articles per month on your own blog, pick one online publication and add another 2 articles per month plus add short summaries to your LinkedIn profile. This results in one weekly blog article and you might even combine writing them at the same time, making your writing more efficient.

And if you have time at your hand – go find another guest blogging home and add two more articles a month.

Do you want more?

3 More good reasons for blogging are still to come in this mini-series. Follow me and you won’t miss them!

  1. Position yourself as an expert in areas that are relevant to your business strategy
  2. Provide content that you can drive your existing customers to through email marketing
  3. Monetize your blog by driving traffic to your paid programs or products



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