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Ice-Bucket-Challenge-510x300The other day I did my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Did you know that the Ice Bucket Challenge wasn’t always an Ice Bucket Challenge? Also did you know that it didn’t start as a fundraiser for ALS?

The Ice Bucket Challenge started over a year ago, in mid-2013, as the Cold Water Challenge with the donations usually going to the Cancer Society or other charities. Then in Early 2014, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation did a variation of the cold water challenge. Instead of dumping cold water on their heads, they did a Polar Plunge.

I had never heard of the Cold Water Challenge and until recently, I didn’t  know about the Ice Bucket Challenge. In the past, the cold water challenges had been done as local fundraising events.

On June 30th the Ice Bucket Challenge was brought to the attention of the American public. Some of the personalities of the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive did the Ice Bucket Challenge live on the air. From there pro golfers took on the challenge of dumping ice water on their heads or donate $11 to charity.

Soon, other pro athletes like Greg Norman and motorcycle racer Jeremy McGrath were challenging each other to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. Florida golfer Chris Kennedy took the Ice Bucket Challenge to a whole new level when he challenged his cousin Jeanette Senerchia to do the Ice Bucket Challenge or donate $100 to the ALS Society. Jeanette’s husband suffered from ALS for 11 years..

But the Ice Bucket Challenge has not been without its critics. Some said “How is dumping ice water on your head going to help  find a cure for ALS” and “People would rather dump ice water on their head than give money to ALS.” Those criticisms were answered. As of Sept 12, 2014 the ALS Society in the United States raised over 112 million dollars and ALS Canada raised over 14 million dollars.

Before Chris Kennedy dumped water on his head and challenged his cousin, ALS was a disease that most people knew next to nothing about. The only thing that I knew about ALS was it was also known as Lou Gherig’s disease. I only knew about Lou Gherig was because I am a baseball fan, and one of my favourite movies is “Pride of the Yankees”. Ironically, in 2010, researchers found that Lou Gherig most likely didn’t actually die of Lou Gherig’s Disease but rather, he died from head trauma caused by being hit in the head by pitches.

For more information about this devastating disease, check out ALS Canada and The ALS Society.

I started this blog post by saying “The other day I did my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. I Challenged 2 groups of people. First up were my brothers John and Glen.

The second group was all of the Community Partners within Rapid Time Networks except soon to be mom, Anne Whitmore. This means you Quinn Berry, Robert Shular, Lucy Barber, Andrew Mackey, Glen Murray, Mike Snetzinger, Andrew Reid, Patrick McGeough, Shawn Bearman, Tim Luu, Chang Han, Sally Weatherley, Mark Senner, Elizabeth Shewchuck and Kathy Suffel.

Finally I challenged the founders of Rapid Time Networks George Moen and Mark Wright. Good on you Mark for accepting the challenge so quickly. Please take a moment to take a look at my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

About Keven McTaggart

I am the owner of Anything on a Clock. At Anything on a Clock, we take any photo, image and/or logo and make them into custom wall clocks. In the spring of 2006, my wife and I were blesses with the birth of our son. One year later, I decided to start Anything on a Clock. This allowed me to combine 2 of my passions. I married my passion of turning photos into a useful lasting memory (my custom wall clocks) and my desire to spend as much time with wife and my new son as humanly possible. In January 2012 I started going out to Rapid Time Networks meetings. Since I started attending the meeting, I saw that amazing value of the networks. In January 2014 I decided to partner up with Robert Shular and purchase the license to Surrey Rapid Time Networks. We had our first Surrey Rapid Time Networks meeting on February 20th 2014 and it has been going strong ever since.

One thought on “The Challenge!

  1. The use of an “Ice Bucket” is a way of creating a physical reminder to those who engage in it that they have made a commitment.

    For several years the Legacy Discovery Men’s Weekend (www.legacydiscovery.com) has used this technique. We call it The F—-It Bucket.

    Good luck to all organizations that seek to make a positive contribution to others.


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