What is mindset?

Is your mindset ready for success?
Do you have a written definition of the “best you; you can be?”  Most of the people I ask, tell me they don’t.
If you don’t, let me ask you. Would you get on a flight to your version of paradise if you knew the pilot had not filed a flight plan? I bet you’re aghast at the thought. You’d have to be crazy to get on that flight, wouldn’t you?
If you wouldn’t get on that flight, why are you living your life without a written plan for your life and even more importantly for the human being you are becoming.
Stephen Covey describes this idea as writing your own eulogy.  Imagine your eulogy, what you like to have said about you and the impact you’ve had for your family, friends and associates. What would you like to have for your legacy?
Knowing what you want for your legacy, what would you do today and tomorrow and the day after in order to earn that legacy.
Your mindset influences every result in your life. Who you are and how your business performs is limited or expanded by how and what you think. A success mindset is one of the main ingredients entrepreneurs must have and use to create real, sustainable business success.
But how do we create a “success mindset? Success begins with Mindset. Is your mindset ready for success?
Looking for a way to get started? Take 30 minutes to get some insight on how to develop or grow your success mindset!


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