Where Are the Flying Cars?



flying carWhen I was kid watching the Jetsons on TV, I couldn’t wait for the future robotic maids, video telephone calls, moving sidewalks and flying cars! Well where are they we have everything else and we are not even close to soaring into work 200 feet above the ground or are we?

I think over the next decade the car industry is going to start taking huge technology leaps that may culminate in the flying car becoming main stream. Take a look at a few events from the past few months that could lead to convergence in this industry. Now think about how fast the mobile phone & computer industry changed, but those technologies have seemed to plateaued and our brightest minds are now looking at cars.

Google is testing self driving cars. They have driven over 500,000 KM accident free and 4 states have now passed legislator allowing driverless cars.

Warren Buffet’s company Berkshire Hathaway purchased the Van Tuyl Group this week which is the largest independent dealership chain in the US operating 100 locations in 10 states.

Elon Musk continues to be the game changer in the automobile business by signing the deal on his new plant in Nevada, hinting about a more affordable version of the Tesla and perhaps even their own version of driverless car. Is it just a coincidence that Musk runs a rocket ship company, could this lead to a main stream flying car some day?

Distracted driving is now one of the leading cause of automobile death’s in NA primarily due to increased presence of smart phone technology in the cars. Several start up tech companies that employ on board computer systems to measure your driving patterns have popped up on the insurance landscape. The Insurance industry is a leader in improving our safety when it comes to physical hazards for the obvious reason that improved safety leads to a lower claim experience. If we can’t put the dang phone down maybe we need to taking the steering wheel out of our hands.

When Google, Buffett & Musk all start eyeing the same industry & then you mix in the multi-billion dollar auto insurance business, it can only lead to one thing – Evolution and perhaps even Revolution. Start buying your shares in Spacely Sprockets those flying cars can’t be far off now.


One thought on “Where Are the Flying Cars?

  1. Interesting! Sure does put the imagination in gear. Distracted driving is a huge problem and I wonder how much good the new law is going to do.It doesn’t go far enough, doesn’t seem to cover the use of cel phones and it doesn’t hurt enough financially. However, that is just my opinion.

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