3 Great Video Formats For Your Blog

53Video Marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach your target customer. Not only do you have the same promotional advantages that were once only associated webpages (SEO and Social Sharing), you also have the added benefit of a medium designed to make a personal connection with your viewer/customer. There are several different ways for you to use video in order to market your business. Here are a few to consider.

Animated or Whiteboard Video

Animated videos are used to draw the attention of the viewers’ eyes and fixate them on your message. The action in the video is literally being created in front of the eyes of the viewer, in real time.

In other words, the message that you want to convey to the viewer is literally being written in cartoon form,  letter by letter so that your customer is part of the experience of “creating” the video. While this visual (cartoon-like) message is being written and presented, a narrator is providing an audio commentary of what is being transmitted.

The true advantage of using animated videos, is that they are effective in getting customers to pay attention to the actual video. The key to making an animated video work is to make sure that the targeted customer actually sees it. That means that it’s most effective when found in a search or paid campaign that’s initiated by a person searching for specific information.

Screencast Video

Screencast videos allow you to share your screen with your viewers. If you have something that you would like to demonstrate to your customers that is on screen and computer related, you can do a Screencast video. In order to do one, you’ll need some special software (in some cases it’s free) which will give you the ability to narrate while you move and click around your screen in real-time.

Screencast videos are great for customer service as well as enhancing the value of your existing products. For companies that want to make sure that a customer is able to properly utilize their add-on services, Screencast videos are a great way of giving them a visual representation of what they can actually attain.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are simple to make and typically don’t require any additional software. Whether you own a Mac or Windows computer, the capacity to create a slideshow video is typically resident on your laptop or desktop machine when you purchase it.

In order to create a slideshow video, you will select relevant digital images that you would like to show to your customer. In some cases you will be narrating to the viewer, what they’re seeing in the images. In other cases, the images will be complementary to what you are talking about in the audio portion of your video, while not always directly related.

When you’re creating videos for your business, the first issue that you will want to deal with is how to describe what people are going to see. There are two basic ways to give viewers an idea of what’s in your video.

First, you can typically give viewers a thumbnail image that represents what they will actually see. You should pick the most visual and exciting image that viewers can latch on to. Secondly, you can create a title that incites curiosity in the viewer or customer. When you write your title, you’ll want to do so in a way that will make people want to see what’s inside. Therefore, when you write your title, do so to stir up desire in the viewer and not just to provide information to them.


Make sure that when it’s all said and done, before you post it your video, that there is a call to action at the end.

This can be; “call us here”, “visit our website”, “send us a text”. It can also send them to view another related video, ask them to subscribe to your channel, or anything else you may choose to use.

A strong call to action is the finishing touch of any marketing project!

Happy Video Marketing.

About Jeff Stark

After spending some 20 years in real-estate Jeff realized that there are new technologies emerging to help small business. This was a result of some of these technologies, like QR codes and text messaging, applied to Jeff's real-estate business. Technologies we didn't know existed, or even weren't around a few years ago, are making a considerable impact on the way business marketing is done. Mobile is everywhere. We seem to eat and sleep with our smart phone, and anytime we need information, search for service and businesses, we reach for our mobile device. But the new marketing landscape is confusing, and Jeff has made his passion to help small business understand these new challenges. Jeff Stark and his family are long time Burnaby residents, love the City and enjoy the local amenities, shopping and restaurants.

One thought on “3 Great Video Formats For Your Blog

  1. Great article Jeff. With changes happening so quickly in the multi media field, every day is a new challenge. Power Point, slide shows,and videos are the newest marketing tools far exceeding those old CD’S,and DVD’S, from the not to distant past. However, the personal touch of following up with a phone call still can’t be replaced with technology. For that, I personally, am grateful. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

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