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windows 10 previewLast week Microsoft released the Windows 10 preview for tech evaluation.

What happened to Windows 9? Aren’t we at Windows 8 right now?

In a desperate attempt to distance themselves from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft marketing folks have decided to jump to Windows 10 as they claim this version of Windows is so radically different.

Having worked with the preview for several days now I can tell you that for the average business owner this version of Windows is really more like Windows 8.5.

Most of the changes are cosmetic. The old start menu is back with a few modifications. The new start menu mixes the traditional start menu with the live tiles menu from Windows 8 but is customizable. They’ve tinkered with the look of some of the icons. And there’s a handy new task view. See my YouTube video for more details http://youtu.be/Dw7GvLyQLw4 .

I’m awfully tempted to put the preview on one of my work computers but that would mean totally rebuilding the computer when the evaluation version expires April 15, 2015. And it is still a little buggy. I found some sleep and power issues. Windows 10 discovered my multifunction printer correctly but I have no idea when HP will release scanning software that will work on Windows 10. So not quite ready for production use yet.

What if you are looking to upgrade your computer in the next few months? Assuming your current computer isn’t dying, wait for Windows 10. It will be easier for you to learn to use Windows 10 instead of Windows 8 if you are going from Windows 7 (or earlier versions like Vista or XP). Because you will also be forced to use and learn Office 2013. Microsoft is making it impossible to use older versions of Office on Windows 8 and they are not fixing bugs in Office 2010 and earlier.

But let’s go back towindows version why it is called Windows 10 for a bit. You may wonder why the Microsoft marketing folks have so much control over the name. Way back Microsoft decided to compete with Palm for the hand held computing device market and they released with great fanfare their operating system for small devices which they called WinCE. Just say that WinCE as a word.

So is it really Windows 10 or Windows 8.5? Well if you run winver.exe from the run command, you will see that Windows 7 is actually Windows version 6.2 and Windows 8 is actually version 6.3 and Windows 10 is actually version 6.4.


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