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PMC_Blog3_cloudHow does Blogging Make Me an Expert?

If you have followed my mini series on blogging so far, then you already know that Blogging impacts your search engine position positively, if done correctly (see my first blog post in this series).

I also highlighted the positive effects of guest-blogging (see my second article in this series) and where you might find guest-blogging opportunities.

In this third edition of this mini-series I will provide you with another reason, why blogging should be part of your online strategy – the impact on your status as an expert.

How blogging positions you as an expert in your field

Clearly, blogging is a lot of work! You need to think of a topic, source or create some images to go with the article, possibly research the topic and write the article. And if you follow my advice to guest-blog, you may even have to create multiple versions (or alternatively think of even more topics) to submit to those bloggers or news outlets and add to your own website. And then you have to promote it too, add it to your Social Media Stream so that it actually gets noticed out there.

Pooh! I am exhausted just thinking about it.

So why would you want to do this and what has it got to do with you wanting to be an expert?

Well, usually experts have deep knowledge about a certain topic and they can provide that knowledge to others to learn from. Experts are being followed for exactly that reason – they provide insights that can be easily consumed.

Typically an expert has a narrow field of expertise rather than being an expert on everything under the sun. And this is where your strategy sets in. You will want to write articles about many aspects about your field of expertise – but not about many wide-spread areas of interest that don’t have much to do with each other.

I tend to write about websites, online marketing and social media. These are the three aspects I consider as the foundation for your online strategy. On my site you will find reports about your mobile strategy, interviews with Social Media Experts and programs about website strategy and design. This is all in one area of expertise that I have developed over 10+ years as an E-Commerce Manager and Website Strategy Consultant.

You will not find articles on copy writing or mindset shifting from me – simply because I am not an expert in these areas. However, I might be working with experts in those fields if that adds value to my online programs. An expert is also a connector. I love making connections to other experts in related fields to broaden my follower’s access to valuable information.

To follow my blog simply subscribe to my Strategy News. (link to http://petramayerconsulting.com/strategy-news )

What are you an expert in?

We all have knowledge that others would love to have. We all have different experiences that others can learn from. Creating a blog in topics of that field will build your expert status and ultimately help you selling that expertise in products or services (see my fifth blog article in this series coming up soon.)


2 thoughts on “Be an Expert – By Blogging

  1. Until my participation in Rapidtime News, my idea of blogging was just another social interaction. Getting my feet wet, writing a few of my own, and reading all the other posts, has been a huge education for me. Life is an adventure of learning, thank you for your contribution.

  2. Roswyn – Impressive – you started blogging on your own, you contribute to Rapid Time News and you interact with other bloggers. These are all great ways to get known. Blogging is a very powerful tool if set up properly and done consistently. I hope you will be following the next two articles on this topic too. Stay tuned. They will be coming soon!
    What are you presently blogging about and what do you find to be your biggest challenge?

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