5 Things you Must know About Social Media Policy

Social Media policy

We are inundated with technology in virtually all aspects of our lives these days. Most companies rely on technology to run some or all aspects of their business and a part of that of course is social media. But do you have guidelines set up so that your employees know what and what they can’t do when representing your organization on social media? Here are some tips as supplied by Social Media and law experts Heather Melick and Ethan Wall in how and what to include when developing your Social Media policy.

  1. Clearly outline your objectives: Let your staff know what your policy is trying to achieve, that they are allowed to engage in social media but that there is some activity that may be prohibited. Be clear and specific in your language.
  2. Provide clear examples of what is and what is not considered acceptable behaviour, activities or statements.
  3. Do not be overly restrictive. According to Melic and Wall; “Employees have a protected right to use the company name and logo while engaged in protected concerted activity.” So don’t prohibit them from identifying themselves as part of your company as this could also cause liability and morale problems later.
  4. Let your employees know that you have a right to monitor them. And what will this look like? State it clearly.
  5. Tailor your policy to your company. Each organization is unique and you want to take your unique company aspect into consideration when forming your policy.

 Crafting a social media policy will take some effort and foresight but it will help to protect the integrity of your company and give your staff a road map on how to navigate this evolving communication tool.  



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  1. If social media is challenging and confusing for individuals and small business, imagine how much more daunting it is for the larger companies, your article is timely and valuable.

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