Is It Just Too Simple?

mortarThere are not many kids in the world you would hear say, “When I grow up I want to be a network marketer.” Not unless of course, they have seen their parents become successful in that field: living the lifestyle of time freedom, travel, and leisure that come from that success. Network marketing is like no other career or profession in the world.

If you decide to become an engineer, teacher, doctor, nurse, engineer or an astronaut, it requires many years of study and education. Do you get your degree by reading the last few pages of your new text books and decide you’ve learned enough to go out into the world and make your fortune? No, it takes learning and dedication. If you have decided to be a business owner and select a franchise you are interested in, does the franchisor simply hand over the keys when you have invested huge amounts of money and spent what you consider to be enough time reading some documents? No, it takes many months to learn the process and procedures. What if you have just landed that dream job, does the company set aside months of training time in order for you to become experienced enough to reach your full potential?
Or, do they just turn you loose after a short time of indoctrination and expect you to succeed?

Why then is it that people think when they have been presented an opportunity, like network marketing, they think that if they just pay a membership, buy a few products, talk to a few people, they will magically make a ton of money and become rich overnight?

Some of these points are so simplistic as to be almost ridiculous. In reality though, it is what some people seem to think. Sadly, many people fail and blame the industry, mainly because of unreasonable and unattainable expectations. Because Network Marketing is perceived to be so simple, people fail to realise it is not easy.

It is true that in Network Marketing you can earn as you learn. You do have partners, coaches, teachers and sponsors to help you. You do however have to be prepared to do a lot of learning as well as being able to ask for help.

In my humble opinion, Network Marketing is “University 101” and is as important as a college degree and it is free.

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