Blogs and Email Marketing are Best Friends

PMC_Blog4_cloudMy Mini-Series of articles on blogging is in the fourth round. After discussing how Blogging impacts your search engine position (post 1), the effect of guest blogging (post 2) and my last post on how blogging helps you to create expert status, in today’s fourth article in this series I want to describe the relationship between blogging and email marketing.

Online Marketing and ROI

Generally, it is accepted knowledge that email marketing delivers the best Return on Investment (ROI) for most organizations. Hence, most companies are keen to gather email addresses and establish ongoing communication with their readers through regular emails.

Email specialists like Ian Brodie are quick to advise that email marketing needs to be a combination of value-add and sales. Or, even better, never pitch in your emails but provide a call to action that actually makes your client buy from you rather than you selling to them. If email marketing is a big strategy for you, I highly recommend Ian’s book Email Persuasion. (link to:  http://petramayerconsulting.com/recommended-resources/ )

The magic is in the link

If you are a blogger, you ultimately want your articles to be seen by your potential clients. Assuming that you already have an established email communication with them, it is best to send them a link to your newest blog. Don’t assume they will automatically find it, unless you are have a membership site with high level of interaction, your prospects and customers are likely not browsing your site regularly.

By sending them an email with a short summary of your article and a link to the full article, you are engaging them, adding value to them and ultimately direct them back to your site where you are actually giving them even more value.

So what if they unsubscribe?

The more you email your clients, the more you will see that dreaded unsubscribe request. You worked hard to build your list and now – they are leaving you. Not wanting to hear from you ever again. Ouch! That hurts!

However, look at this from this angle. If your prospect just signed up to receive that free report but never really had the intention to have a lasting relationship with you, never really interested in your products or services – they might as well not be on your list. Email Marketing will keep your list “clean” and engaged.

However, if you see huge amounts of unsubscribe requests, you need to consider how your emails are impacting your subscribers. Are you pitching too hard? Is your content not providing them with value? Are you not providing content that is suitable for your subscriber list? Is your subscriber list perhaps not a good match with your target audience? High numbers of unsubscribe requests are indications of deeper issues. Get in touch with your business coach or contact me for a free strategy session (link to http://petramayerconsulting.com/contact ) to get some help to analyze your strategy.


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