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PMC_Blog5_cloudIn this last post in this series I want to discuss how you can monetize your blog by driving traffic to your paid programs or products. This will complete this series that covered the impact of blogging on search engine position, guest blogging, developing your expert status through blogging, and blog articles as the destination of your email marketing.

Monetization is simply the aspect of turning your strategy into monetary results, i.e. revenue. There are many ways how you can make money with your blog, however, I want to specifically explore how blogging helps the service professionals, the expert industry or product distribution.

Of course, this topic is very closely related to all the other ones discussed in this mini series so if you have not done so already, I recommend reading them from the start. Just click through to my name and you will find all blog posts.

Blogging as part of your funnel

Your blog articles are one way how you communicate with your prospects and existing clients. Hence, it is part of your funnel communication. Often you might send your prospect to the blog post through your email marketing. Sometimes visitors may just be browsing your site for interesting and valuable information, coming across articles that interest them.

If you are doing a good job at optimizing your blog articles for Search Engines with good keyword strategy or by driving traffic via your Social Media platforms, your blog may also be one the first actual interaction with your site leading to a new subscription and therefore an additional email contact.

As long as your blog articles are relevant regarding your services or products or help building your expert brand, they will have a positive impact on your sales.

In my free online training webinars I cover the strategy to build your sales funnel from a product perspective. I recommend starting with your top product or service. Usually that will be a VIP program or a Done-For-You Service. It is something that provides you with high revenue and that you really love doing.

Once you have defined this “main course” you strategically plan each level in your funnel back to how you cast your net to engage new prospects. Your blogging is a part of that net as well as a part of your ongoing engagement with your prospects and clients. To find out more about my online training, download my free report and sign up for the next available date. (link to http://magnetizingwebsites.com )

How do you measure this?

It is not always easy to measure exactly where your prospect had interaction with you before purchase. There are sophisticated tools that can provide that insight, however, they are usually out of reach for small businesses.

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that can be installed on any website and that provides you with some insights. Ensure that your webmaster will install Google Analytics on your blog.

Another way to find out is simply asking your clients in your personal interaction with them.

You can also make your blog posts interactive, asking for comments or providing a Facebook comment plug-in. You will learn what appeals to your audience and what does not. This is usually easier for large blog sites to achieve than for small sites. But this is not a reason not to make an effort to measure everything. Even if your site is small now, one day it might be big and any data you gather now will be helpful in the long run.



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  1. Roswyn. It is my pleasure. I like writing a mini series as it gets me into the topic. Is there a topic that you would be particularly interested in – of course with relation to your online strategy? Let me know and I will put in on my list of topics for consideration!

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