Camera Shy? 3 Great Ways to Make Videos Anyways.

clapperOne of the biggest fears business owners have about video marketing is appearing in their videos.

If you are camera shy and would rather not appear personally in your videos, you can still create interesting and effective videos in 3 different ways.

  1. PowerPoint Slides- although PowerPoint is often used for business presentations, the same slides can be used to create a video.
    You can edit your slides with relevant content in forms of text and photos. Using video editing software you can position the slides to appear in the right order at different time intervals and add some background music. PowerPoint slides are a great way to produce tutorials and instructional lessons and highlight product features. The beauty of using PowerPoint is its ability to easily combine both text and images within the same frame.
  1. Screen Capture-you can also create a video by capturing images of your computer screen.This works well if your performing a demonstration of an online process such as how to use a website, how to fill in an online form, how to make an online payment, how to use a software etc. There are both free and paid screen capture tools. Free ones include Camtasia studio, Jing and Windows Movie Maker. As you capture your screen you can talk into your microphone for an audio effect. You can edit the screen capture and include text with accompanying background music if you don’t want to talk within the video.
  1. Photo gallery slideshow- another way to create a video is to use your current photo gallery.Most business owners have a photo gallery full of pictures about their business premises, product lines, employees and customers. Just pick the relevant and most appealing photos and load them into video editing software and use some background music to complete the video.

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