State of the YVR Market, Fall 2012

State of the Market – Fall 2012

I’ve mentioned before in this space that Vancouver is a real estate-obsessed city. But it used to be that people were obsessed with it because prices just never seemed to stop going up. …


My Take on the Market – as of end of June, 2012

Vancouverites love to discuss real estate. Who knows what exactly this obsession stems from? Maybe it’s jealousy of “The Big Smoke” Toronto and the gloating that arises from knowing our prices are higher than there’s. Maybe it’s due to our


Why Use a Realtor?

This may sound terribly self-serving due to the profession I’m in but it truly amazes me the number of people who enter into various types of real estate transactions without the benefit of a licensed real estate professional. Even in …


To Buy or Not To Buy on Leasehold Land

I have been asked by a fellow RTN member to write on the pros and cons of buying a home (or a business) on leasehold land. For the purposes of this article we will deal with everything other than First …


Principal Residences and Trusts

I am reproducing this article with the kind permission of my friend, very knowledgeable accountant John Parker who can be reached at the coordinates noted at the bottom.


J. Neil Hamilton, Senior Property Advisor, Macdonald Realty Ltd. 604-569-1940



Assessed Values – What are They..?

Making the most of itEach year homeowners across Canada get an Assessment Notice in the mail telling them what their property has been valued at by the municipality they live in – and a tax bill based on that value. That is how municipal …


Key Steps to Take When Selling a Home

You’re about to place your home (detached, town home, condo, whatever…) on the market. Leaving the financial part out for now, what specific things should you do in preparing your home for sale? Here are some tips and suggestions:

It …


If You’re A Landlord – A Few Renting Tips

With real estate top-of-mind these days many people are deciding to become landlords and (hopefully) allowing their property appreciation to take place “with someone else paying the mortgage”. Sounds great doesn’t it? But not so fast! Being a landlord carries …


Is Your Strata Well Run?

A couple of days ago I wrote an article asking how you would know if you were buying into a good strata or not. I’m now going to give all you existing strata dwellers some tips on things you can …


To Inspect or Not To Inspect?…Part Two

Our first instalment on home inspections covered the question of whether to inspect or not. Let me state unequivocally that it is always prudent to inspect any property you buy, new or pre-owned, residential or commercial. After all, you would …


The Top Five Homebuying Myths (from Zillow)

The Top Five Homebuying Myths

Today’s home buyers in the main tend to be fairly knowledgeable about the real estate market, however there are still a few points of confusion in the process. A new survey by the real estate


BC Condominium Rental Rules Demystified

If you own a condominium in BC, under what conditions can you rent it to a third party? Condo rental rules have always been a bit complicated in BC and now they’re even moreso. Stratas have now been divided into …


Vancouver is a real estate-obsessed city

Vancouver is a real estate-obsessed city. At almost every business meetup, networking breakfast or cocktail party, a comment on Vancouver real estate inevitably pops up. Why is that? Well, when a commodity is desired and is also in relatively short …