Windows 10 Preview

windows 10 previewLast week Microsoft released the Windows 10 preview for tech evaluation.

What happened to Windows 9? Aren’t we at Windows 8 right now?

In a desperate attempt to distance themselves from the Windows 8 debacle, Microsoft marketing folks have decided …


Small Business Icon Remembered

jim devaJim Deva, co-owner of Little Sister’s bookstore, champion of free speech and LGBTQ rights, was remembered Saturday at St. Andrews Wesley United Church downtown. Jim died unexpectedly from a ladder fall September 21st

The church was packed with over one thousand people …


Are you Making these 3 Technology mistakes?

Update keyboardI’ve worked with a wide range of small businesses over the last 15 years, everything from lawyers to accountants to dentists to graphic designers and there are three technology mistakes I see small business owners make consistently.

1. Patching Perils. Do you …